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AgTECT Grain Spreader

Extron AgTECT


EXTRON AgTECT Grain Spreader

The EXTRON Grain Spreader offers a multi-directional adjustment of the leveling band, providing workers with the ability to safely adjust and set the leveling band from outside the bin. The EXTRON grain spreader has been designed to evenly fill the bin and distribute the fines at up to 45K bushels/hr. It maintains grain quality and increases safety by improving airflow, preventing crusting and helping to eliminate the need to core your bin. The EXTRON Grain Spreader provides all of these benefits with zero entry.

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  • Up to 45,000 bushels/hour
  • Directional flow
  • Designed to meet specs of bin
  • Flow adjustment from outside bin while filling
  • Excellent for leveling bins
  • Spreads out fines and buries pods
  • Eliminates need to center core

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