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Vertical Blenders

Charles Ross & Son Company | April 22, 2014

  • Designed for low-impact blending
  • Conical vessel and a slow-turning screw
  • Agitate a wide variety of materials including powders, granules, pellets, fibers, slurries and pastes
  • Sizes from 1 through 500 cu.ft.
  • Discharge is always virtually 100% complete
  • Unsupported screw design simplifies cleaning and maintenance.
  • Driven by two separate variable-speed motors to 100 rpm and 2.5 rpm, respectively.
  • Cover includes sight glass ports, a 6” charging port, vacuum connection/exhaust, and quick-release clamps 
  • Motorized lift raises and lowers the vacuum-rated conical vessel for complete access during cleaning
  • Can be supplied with a jacket for heating/cooling as well as a lumpbreaker 



Maxi-Lift Inc. | Conveying & Material-Handling Equipment | Conveyor Support Systems | April 22, 2014

The Maxi-Lift Easy-Core sets a new precedent in belt core technology with greater strength, longer life and easy installation all in a single plastic core. Created from 100% recycled plastic, the Easy-Core is featured in a 6”x6” size and weighs 3.1lbs.The design features a through hole for use with a threaded shaft, dual locking studs and a squaring line for precise belt alignment. The round corners in the receiver shaft ensure for easier slide in steel wind-up bar. In addition, the Easy-Core is non-sparking, corrosion and moisture resistant, export approved and is ideal for outside storage. 

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Munson Machinery | April 21, 2014

Low to high shear required for blending, homogenizing, de-dusting and/or de-agglomerating of dry ingredients, slurries, pastes and difficult-to-blend materials

Coated, hardened stainless steel paddles 

Homogeneous blends can be achieved in as little as 20 seconds residence time, yielding up to 1500 cu ft (42 cu m) of throughput per hour

Insulated, high-pressure jacketed mixing vessel constructed to ASME code can be heated or cooled, and is equipped with four injection ports for adding liquids in small to large amounts

Water or cleaning solution is introduced through the ports before running the machine to dislodge any solids adhering to interior surfaces. 

50 hp (37 kw) motor with totally enclosed high-torque gear reducer and synchronous belt drive, and rotates at variable speeds ranging from 120 to 600 RPM

Large-diameter, solid shaft with 180° adjustable paddles

All material contact surfaces are constructed of #316 stainless steel 

Contact surfaces and/or the entire support structure are also offered in #304 stainless steel, carbon steel and exotic materials

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EC-201 Robotic Palletizer

EC-201 Robotic Palletizer

American-Newlong Inc. | Palletizing Systems | April 21, 2014

  • Payload capacity of 440 pounds; palletizing capacity of 1,600 cycles/hour
  • Palletizes bags, cases, pails and other various products
  • Unique design uses less energy, reduces stress on the arm joints, bearings, pivot points and floor supports
  • Standard touch-screen allows personnel to change palletizing programs in under 5 seconds, utilize onboard warning systems, review error occurrences and take corrective measures
  • Can monitor I/O in real time, track inventory by specific programs, and compare running and powered up hours
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Munson Machinery | Feed Milling & Grinding Equipment | April 21, 2014

Grinds, sizes, de-agglomerates and homogenizes friable or other materials into controlled particle sizes, from coarse to fine (400 mesh)

Precision-machined and studded stationary outer disc and a rotating inner disc.

Speeds to 5400 RPM pulverize friable powders, flakes and granules into fine grinds while killing any insects, eggs and larvae

Slower speeds down to several hundred RPM provide coarse grinding and de-agglomerating.

Stationary outer disc can be equipped with flanged, threaded or other fittings for gravity-fed or inline-pneumatic applications

Oversized pillow-block bearings

40 to 60 hp (30 to 45 kw) motor with V-belt/sheave arrangement

Stationary outer disc disconnects using quick-release bolts

Full interior access to both discs for rapid cleaning or sanitizing.

Constructed of mild steel with abrasion-resistant disc pins and durable exterior finish

Available with all material contact surfaces of stainless steel finished, and of abrasion-resistant steel

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EC-171 Robotic Palletizer

EC-171 Robotic Palletizer

American-Newlong Inc. | Palletizing Systems | April 03, 2014

  • Delivers speeds up to 20 cycles per minute and is equipped with a built in collision detect system
  • Incorporates the largest working envelope of all Fuji models while maintaining the smallest rotation radius and energy efficiency.
  • Robot allows for work in tight space constrictions while accomplishing a very high rate of throughput
  • No laptop required - has a 10.5-inch color touch screen used for human interface control
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DS-9 Bag Closing Machine

DS-9 Bag Closing Machine

American-Newlong Inc. | Bag Closers | April 03, 2014

  • 2,700 rpm, single-needle bag closing machine 
  • Simple, enclosed oil-bath lubrication system 
  • Sealed moving parts for optimum performance 
  • Well-balanced rotational parts for minimum vibration 
  • Works for manual and automatic lines 
  • Air cylinder driven, guillotine-type cutter knife with double springs to ensure fast, smooth cutting for both plain and crepe-tape bound closings
  • Handles a wide range of bagging materials 
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LoadRunner® Corrugated Pallets

LoadRunner® Corrugated Pallets

Conitex Sonoco | Palletizing Systems | April 01, 2014

  • Our LoadRunner ® engineered corrugated pallets are enhanced alternatives to plastic and wood pallets
  • While designed to be heavy-duty, they are lightweight for easy handling and reduced freight expenses
  • They are hygienic and free of contaminants, making them ISPM compliant and export friendly
  • With no nails, staples or splinters, our corrugated pallets are safe and ergonomic
  • Through our engineering advantages, we put the Core in Corrugated to give you more pallet benefits
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BulkSak® FIBCs and more

BulkSak® FIBCs and more

Conitex Sonoco | Bulk Bags | April 01, 2014

  • For over 30 years, BulkSak® has been a trusted FIBC provider through worldwide manufacturing and distribution, with additional production in the USA
  • Our commitment to reliable strength, custom innovation and delivery assurance are the hallmarks of delivering high customer satisfaction
  • Our proprietary approach of having in-country managers assures dependable sourcing, pricing oversight and quality assurance
  • With bags as dependable as we are, Conitex Sonoco offers a wide variety of solutions including UN-certified and AIB-participant food quality FIBC bags, bale bags/wraps/sheets and tear resistant paper bags; including LoadRunner® corrugated pallets
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General Preventive Maintenance

General Preventive Maintenance

D. C. Taylor Co. | March 21, 2014

  • D. C. Taylor Co.’s General Preventive Maintenance service cleans, inspects, and repairs minor damage to the roof system
  • Using a standard process and inspection checklist, D. C. Taylor Co. examines and records the condition of the roof to identify defects; minor repairs are made
  • A photo report documenting the repairs is provided to customers, as well as the opportunity to have the maintenance activities logged in an online password-protected roof asset management database
  • This proactive approach enables customers to maximize their investment by extending the longevity of their roofing system and fulfill manufacturer warranty obligations
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Hamer LLC

Since 1927 Hamer has been manufacturing durable bagging equipment for a wide variety of industries.  Specializing in larger bag sizes, 10 lbs to 100lbs typically.  Our focus on Industrial bagging covers a wide variety of industries including; Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, Mining, Horticultural, Produce, Chemical and many others. 

Patrick Engineering

Patrick Engineering is a national leader in engineering, design and construction management. Having been in business for more than 30 years, Patrick combines its technical competency and experience with key staff members to deliver world-class engineering, pre-construction, and construction management services to a vast array of clients. Over the years we have assembled a cohesive, collaborative team of professionals who have enabled us to expand and diversify our offerings to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. 

Triple Point Technology

Triple Point Technology® is the leading global provider of on-premise and in-cloud Commodity Management software that delivers advanced analytics for optimizing end-to-end commodity and energy value chains. The company provides innovative solutions for managing all aspects of volatile commodity supply chains: trading, procurement, enterprise risk management, logistics, scheduling, storage/inventory, processing, settlement, and accounting from farmgate through consumer. Over 400 customers in 35+ countries across industries including agriculture, energy, metals, minerals, chemicals, shipping, consumer products, food and beverage, retail, and manufacturing depend on Triple Point solutions.

Probe A Load Inc.

Our all-electric grain probe for trucks or rail cars is a closed, forced air system allowing no vacuum in the load. Down pressure of the probe forces a core of grain into the inner chamber of the sampler return tube.

Electro-Sensors Inc.

Electro-Sensors, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of machine monitoring sensors and hazard monitoring systems for the feed, grain, and milling industry. Our rugged products and trustworthy people bring safety, efficiency, and reliability to your operations. 

Maxi-Lift Inc.

Maxi-Lift, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of elevator buckets and related conveying components for agricultural and industrial applications. Product brands include Tiger-Tuff, HD-MAX, CC-MAX, Dura-Buket, and the Maxi-Splice Belt Fastening System.

Fenwal - IEP Technologies

Since 1959, Fenwal-IEP Technologies has been providing explosion protection solutions to the industry protecting people and critical processes from dust explosion hazards while helping our customers meet regulations and standards such as the OSHA Combustible Dust Directive and NFPA 654.