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March 17, 2016 | Crop Science

Yield Advantage Confirmed by New Soybean Research

Trials were held in multiple locations across different soil types

For the second consecutive year, university researchers and cooperators evaluated LibertyLink® soybeans across regions and soil types. Once again, LibertyLink soybean varieties outyielded Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans.

Through a partnership of multiple universities and cooperators, side-by-side field trials were evaluated and yield comparisons were made. These trials were held in multiple locations across different soil types and were designed to measure the yield of both herbicide systems.

“We wanted growers to be able to look at the two systems and know how they compare,” said Pablo Ogallar, Bayer soybean product manager. “This was an apples-to-apples comparison, and this is the second consecutive year that LibertyLink soybeans varieties out-yielded Roundup Ready 2 Yield varieties.”

Growers like Douglas Huggenberger have seen similar results, “I've been using the LibertyLink system and I've been very happy with it. I have yet to find a weed that it can’t knock down, unlike when I was using a different system. I was having a few escapee weeds so I wanted to change up my weed management, so that’s why I went to the Liberty® system and it’s working great.”

Huggenberger elaborated on the subject of yield, “Last year I had the best beans I’ve ever harvested. As for seeing any yield drag - I've never seen a yield drag on the Liberty beans at all. People have asked me if I’ve had any yield drag and I tell them I have had no yield drag and that Liberty works great. It's an excellent system.”

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