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July 07, 2020 | Successful Farming

USDA: Corn, Soybean Ratings Drop

Silking falling behind in major corn-producing states

The U.S. corn and soybean ratings fall, according to the USDA Monday.

On Monday, the USDA released its Crop Progress Report that shows U.S. farmers have seen their corn crops’ growing progress slow, reports Successful Farming.

CORN: In its report, the USDA estimates the corn good/excellent rating at 71%, up from 73% a week ago. The silking progress in major corn-producing states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Nebraska is behind the five-year averages.

SOYBEANS: USDA rated 31% of the nation’s soybean crop in the blooming stage, up from the 24% five-year average.

WHEAT: In its report Monday, the USDA rated the U.S. winter wheat crop as 56% harvested, vs. a 55% five-year average. 

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