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May 22, 2020 | The Western Producer

Truckers Continue Dumping Grain on British Columbia Highways

RCMP say average amount of grain during a single dump weighs 400 to 700 pounds

Trail cameras are being considered in an effort by RCMP and provincial conservation authorities to crack down on truckers purposely dumping grain along British Columbia's Highway 5, which is unlawful but also potentially dangerous for wildlife and for other drivers, reports The Western Producer.

Since March, there have been four separate incidents where 400 to 700 pounds of oats have been dumped out of super Bs, although one discarded pile of grain in the Valemount area weighed more than a ton.

Michelle Hall of Central Interior Traffic Services told The Western Producer she thinks southbound truckers are self-weighing their loads of grain during the night at unmanned weigh scales and finding a convenient place to lessen their load when they realize their actual weight.

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