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January 28, 2020 | Feed & Grain Staff

The Importance of Tracing Grain from Seed to Processing

Consumer expectation requires knowing each step of the trail

What happens to grain between the time it’s planted in the ground and it makes its way to a processor — whether it’s a brewery or flour mill or feed facility — is important to today’s consumers.

They want to know the road that seed traveled from seed to when it lands in their food or beverage, and with today’s technology, we’re able to do just that.

Imagine if the inefficiencies and extra costs in the processes that lead to the grain arriving at your feed mill or processing plant could be eliminated by knowing each step the grain took.

Brett Andricks, director of sales – strategic, AGI SureTrack, presented a TECHTalk at IPPE 2020 on Tuesday on the subject of Seed-to-Plate Traceability.

“How could things be different if a processor could source ingredients with the right characteristics — making feed or brewing beer — if the grain were maximized from genetics to the point when they receive them?” Andricks asks. ”What if you could schedule the delivery of the right ingredients with the right characteristics at the right time?”

In addition to eliminating inefficiencies and decreasing waste, technology that could do that would also raise opportunities to increase the safety of our food.

SureTrack Program

AGI SureTrack offers a two-track program: SureTrack Farm & SureTrack Pro that can help processors achieve these goals. Benefits of these programs include:

  • Increased efficiencies
  • Reduced costs
  • Real-time data
  • Increased confidence
  • Better quality, consistent product
  • Traceable ingredients

Designed for corn, soybeans, barley, wheat and other commodities, SureTrack Pro enables processors to easily source quality grain that meets exact specifications, including monitoring inventories and tracking deliveries to ensure plants are always up and running.

It digitally connects processors, merchandisers and grain buyers with farmers to simplify sourcing and managing grain.

The program has a network of 3,200 grower participants that helps fuel traceability of about 700 million bushels of grain.

“You’re using grain because of its oil, protein or starch content,” says Andricks. “What if you could start from the beginning and select a seed for your purpose? You could create a higher value. Products like SureTrack help you do this.”

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