January 20, 2017 | Portage Daily Register

United Cooperative’s Project at Westfield, WI, Complete

Grain bin, dryer and receiving project up and running

United Cooperative’s Project at Westfield, WI, Complete

United Cooperative recently completed a grain bin, dryer and receiving project at its Westfield location. Construction on the 600,000-bushel bin and 5,000-bushel grain dryer was completed earlier this fall. Grain receiving capacity was also improved at the location with the addition of two, 1,200-bushel high-speed receiving pits.

“United Cooperative exists for our customers, and everything we do is to benefit our customers,” said Scott Firlus, United Cooperative’s Westfield/Hillsboro Operations Manager. “It’s all about efficiencies, speed and capacity,” he said. “Farmers delivering grain here noticed a dramatic change in dump times. Previously, unloading times may have been in the 20- to 60-minute range, but with all the improvements, dump times are now as little as three minutes, but consistently running four to six minutes. The speed and additional drying capacity enabled the facility to set new receiving records."

In addition to the Westfield project, United Cooperative completed eight other major building projects during 2016, said David Cramer, President and CEO. “We added new feed mills at Wilton and Shawano, a dry and liquid fertilizer plant at Auroraville; a 1.2-millionbushel bin project at Rock Springs, the Feed, Farm, Supply and Hardware Store remodel and new fueling site at Hillsboro, as well as a new maintenance shop at Hillsboro,” he said. 

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