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August 26, 2020 | Valley News Live

OSHA Investigating Incident at Red River Commodities

Man lost right leg during grain bin auger accident last week

A federal agency is investigating a Fargo, ND, agricultural company after an employee lost his leg, reports Valley News Live.

Records we obtained from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration show that Red River Commodities has paid $25,700 in fines in the past two years for other incidents, including one where an employee died.

Aaron Maves, 31, will begin rehabilitation and therapy after losing his right leg to a grain bin auger accident last week.

Maves was sweeping around the auger of a grain bin, which gets cleaned once a year, when his leg got caught on Thursday. He said the quick thinking from a colleague saved his life.

Red River Commodities transforms sunflower seeds and select other specialty crops into high-quality food ingredients and food products. It supplies leading food manufacturers from various facilities through processing and roasting & packaging.

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