February 19, 2014 |

Oliver Manufacturing Moves Into New Offices

First time all of the Oliver employees have been working together at the same location since 2006

LA JUNTA, CO:  On February 17th, Oliver Manufacturing’s Sales, Engineering, R&D, Customer Service, IT, and administrative staff moved into the newly constructed Oliver office building attached to their production facility.  The approximately $3.5 million building was design by Matt Schindler of WDM Architects in Wichita, Kansas.  The nearly 15,000 square foot facility is designed in a modern, industrial style that includes touches of antique industrial elements that “embraces our heritage, while exemplifying our culture of innovation,” said President/CEO Brian Burney.  The building features 11 closed offices, 27 open office spaces, 2 conference rooms, a board room, 2 lounges, a cafeteria, and a landscaped outdoor patio area.  A virtual tour of three different spaces can be seen on www.olivermanufacturing.com.

The new office building was constructed adjacent to the manufacturing facility and makes it the first time all of the Oliver employees have been working together at the same location since 2006 when the part of the production line was moved to La Junta after Oliver acquired the rights to build the old Gustafson SIZE RIGHT Precision Sizer.  Since then many employees have had to make the 17 mile one-way trip between the office and the factory several times a day for meetings or to check on production.  Having the office and manufacturing facility at the same location will save considerable time and effort.

Building the new office addition has long been a dream for the Burney family who has run Oliver Manufacturing for generations.  “The architecture captured the spirit of our company perfectly,” said Brian Burney.  “My great-grandfather started this business with $50.00 during the Great Depression.  I think that he would be proud of the heights we’ve achieved with his investment.”  

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