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June 21, 2018 |

Old Bridge Chemicals Receives Certification

FAMI-QS certification designed for specialty feed ingredients

Old Bridge Chemicals Receives Certification

Old Bridge Chemicals announces the company’s New Jersey facility has received the FAMI-QS quality and safety system certification for specialty feed ingredients, which includes compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). To date, the company is the only major U.S. manufacturer of animal feed ingredients to earn the certification.

FAMI-QS is widely recognized as an essential standard for all responsible animal feed ingredient manufacturers to achieve. Specifically, FAMI-QS compliance demonstrates that Old Bridge Chemicals has quality, safety and regulatory compliance systems in place that reduce the risk of unsafe specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures from entering the feed and food chain. The certification also denotes that Old Bridge has established measures to ensure other feed safety regulatory requirements, including EU Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005/EC), are followed.

FAMI-QS is the only third party certification specifically aimed at specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. It was also the first Community Guide to Good Practice to obtain official recognition from the European Commission related to the enforcement of EU Feed Hygiene Regulation through the implementation of Feed Safety Management System.

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