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November 20, 2018 |

New Missouri Mill Co-op Seeking Partners

Co-op needs $3M to cover the cost of building a new feed mill

Lohman Producers Exchange, Lohman, MO, is asking local investors and farmers to jump on board with a new generation cooperative that is looking to build a new feed mill, reports the News Tribune.

The new co-op, Lohman Milling Operations LLC, would allow eligible producer members to be partners of the company and receive tax credits among other benefits.

The co-op needs to raise $3 million to cover the cost of building the feed mill. If funds are secured by Jan. 1, the building of a new mill could be complete by fall 2019.

The current Lohman mill is more than 80 years old. To keep up with federal regulations, the company said building a new mill would be better than making the necessary changes to the current two.

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