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August 19, 2014 | Twin Spring Coupling

New Drivetrain Technology for the Agriculture Industry

New coupling with no moving parts and encased in vulcanized neoprene

Pearl River, New York, August 14, 2014– Twin Spring Coupling announced the release of its patented new drivetrain coupling solution for the agriculture industry. Being the world’s first full thrust coupling unit, encased in vulcanized neoprene and scalable allows farmers and agriculture companies to get the most uptime from their machinery. Whether used in PTOs and attachments, pumps, conveyor belts with the dust and debris or just the general use of typical farming equipment, with the coupling lubricated at manufacture and encased in neoprene means less maintenance and breakdown issues.

“By creating a simple coupling, the first major enhancement in 100 years of drivetrain technology, allows us to give the industry a reliable coupling and because it’s scalable we can produce a coupling for the individual needs” says Darren Finch CEO of Twin Spring

The flexibility of the springs means it can operate over a wider range of angles than either a universal or CV joint, adding the fact that it’s directly connected from input to output shaft it is the only coupling that can take full thrust. This means a stronger coupling that is more flexible than what the market offers today. The two spring’s means the unit is also multi directional offering the same amount of thrust in either direction.

“We are happy to get the product to market, and the farming industry is the ideal industry for the coupling as it needs a new direction in drivetrain technology to overcome the weaknesses in traditional drive train technology” states Mr Finch

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