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October 03, 2018 | News Star

Louisiana Soybean Storage Crisis

Soybeans destined for West Coast, China now parked in state's ports, elevators

Louisiana soybean farmers say a perfect storm of trade tariffs and wet weather have left them on the brink of a disaster they believe will expand throughout the U.S. within a matter of weeks, reports the News Star.

Soybeans from the Midwest that were being shipped to West Coast ports and destined for China are now being barged down the Mississippi River and parked in Louisiana ports and elevators.

That's left little to no room or markets for Louisiana soybeans that were damaged by an unusually wet September.

Richard Fontentot, Acadiana producer and vice president of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation, was only able to harvest 600 of the 1,700 acres he planted. The other 1,100 acres, he said, will rot in the field with no place to go.

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