March 16, 2018 |

Lonsdale, MN, Feed Mill Expands

35-year-old company expands to better service customers

Lonsdale, MN, Feed Mill Expands
Misty Schwab/Lonsdale News Review

According to the Lonsdale News Review, anything an animal needs is within view when customers set foot in the Lonsdale Feed Mill. Thanks to the business’ recent expansion, pet feed, bedding and an assortment of other products are out of hiding.

“We wanted to serve customers better because the old feed mill was hard to access,” said Steve Vosejpka, Lonsdale Feed Mill owner. “Because of the store size, we couldn’t show customers everything we had in stock.”

Steve and his wife, Tami, have owned the Lonsdale Feed Mill for the past 35 years, since Tami's uncle James Stangler sold the business to Steve in 1982. A soft opening for their newly expanded business took place Feb. 1, while the grand opening is scheduled for April 13.

The Lonsdale Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting event Wednesday. The Vosejpkas offered refreshments and tours of the retail area and office following the ceremony.

The Vosejpkas repurposed plenty of materials from their farm to decorate the feed mill’s new interior. Tami said they constructed the interior awnings from barn wood. They also used farm wood for the checkout counter and the office desk Tami designed and Steve built. Tami embellished the interior with antiques, like milk jugs, from their farm. Even the bulletin board Tami made from the springs of her kids’ old baby crib.

“I like repurposing things,” said Tami. “We also use energy-efficient lighting and heat exchangers.”

Lonsdale Feed Mill sells feed for horses, cows and other animals; grass seed; salt for water softeners; animal bedding; retail gifts and a wide variety of dog food brands. Tami said customers may bring in their dog food and get it matched to a brand the feed mill carries. The feed mill also sells baby chicks and offers weekly deliveries.

To summarize the inventory of their business, Steve said, “If it eats feed, we got it here.”

“This is not a farmer’s store,” said Tami. “It’s a store for anyone who has any type of animal or anyone who gardens.”

Said Steve of the expansion’s impact on customers: “It’s really made a difference.”

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