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October 12, 2018 | Focus on Marshfield

Heartland Co-op Opens Super Mill in Owen, WI

New mill is currently built for 200,000 tons of feed manufacturing/year

Heartland Cooperative Services, Owen, WI, has known for a long time that its current line of feed mills is aging and in need of major overhauls, reports Focus on Marshfield.

In studying the options for solving this problem, the board of directors considered the possibility of having one new super mill that would replace the older aging mills. This option made sense if the new mill was located on a major rail line, such as the CN line that ran through Owen. They, along with Heartland Cooperative Services Senior Management hired Agra Industries of Merrill, WI, to help design the new facility. 

Heartland’s new Super Mill has approximately 2,400 tons of overhead storage combined with 140,000 bushels of outside grain storage that can be filled via truck or rail dumping pits and roughly 40,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space for its production capabilities.

The mill itself is built on an approximately 50 feet x 50 feet concrete base 20-plus feet in the ground with towers stretching 188 feet into the air. This new mill is currently built for 200,000 tons of feed manufacturing/year.

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