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June 21, 2018 |

GlobalVetLINK Joins Amazon Web Services

Cloud solution will assist in customer data security, system functionality

GlobalVetLINK Joins Amazon Web Services

GlobalVetLINK has migrated its online animal health documentation platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS), a third party cloud solution, to assist in customer data security and system functionality. 

AWS is the cloud computing service provided by that offers businesses the virtualized computing power, storage, and other platform services needed to more efficiently host websites and internet-based functionality. The transition from a traditional data center to AWS allows GVL to better support current users, certificate creation, advances in technology and feature enhancements. 

“Our team worked hard to make the transition happen smoothly and quickly, limiting system downtime as much as possible,” says GlobalVetLINK CEO Cliff Smith. “We can assure all of our customers and partners that we will continue to operate efficiently. Users of GVL applications will experience a faster response time, enhanced security and consistent uptime with the application.” 

GlobalVetLINK provides web-based documentation solutions for the animal health industry. 

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