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February 28, 2019 | The Durango Herald

Farmers Supply Mill, Durango, CO, to Close

Feed mill traces its roots to 1921

Photo: Jerry McBride/Durango Herald

Con Kemple, owner, will be closing Farmers Supply Mill in early March after operating the business since 1971, reports the Durango Herald

He took over the mill and animal supply store from the Kroeger family. The mill was originally started by F.W. Kroeger in 1926 as part of Kroegers Hardware, which began serving Durango and the Four Corners in 1921.

“In 1972, there were 13 dairies in the area,” he told the Durango Herald. “I made feed for all of them.”

Many of Kemple’s clients now are smaller-scale ranchers, many of whom are raising livestock naturally.

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