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April 08, 2020 |

Co-Alliance Buys Agronomy Services from Cyclone Grain Co.

Liquid fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia services now provided by cooperative partnership

Co-Alliance, LLP announces the acquisition of the agronomy services arm of Cyclone Grain Co Inc., Frankfort, IN.

Cyclone Grain has provided liquid fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia to Boone and Clinton county area farmers since 1969. The company has been owned and operated by members of the Neal family for two generations and is one of the few privately-owned elevators in the state of Indiana.

Co-owners and daughters of original owner Joseph “Joe” Neal, Barbara Irwin and Chylene Catron feel secure in their decision to sell to Co-Alliance.

“We felt like Co-Alliance was a good fit to take over our anhydrous and liquid fertilizer business, because they are a very established, customer driven company,” says Irwin.

With the ever growing and changing times in the agriculture business, Co-Alliance is always at the forefront, adds Catron.

"We wanted a company that we felt would treat our farmers with respect and take care of their needs the way we have always strived to take care of them since 1969," she says.

Co-Alliance President and CEO Kevin Still says Co-Alliance is a partnership of five established cooperatives with community roots extending back to the 1920s.

"The Neal family is known for the quality of services they provide in the area," he says. "We want to assure Cyclone customers that they will still receive the attention and high-quality services they are used to."

Headquartered in Avon, IN, Co-Alliance is a partnership that operates more than 50 locations across Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois in the areas of petroleum fuels and propane home heat, agronomy, grain marketing, and swine and animal nutrition.

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