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January 14, 2020 | Cargill Inc.

Cargill Debuts New Sow Feed Product

LivaPig designed to improve piglet birth weighs, reduce stillbirths

Cargill says its new sow feed product, LivaPig, has been shown to improve piglet birth weights and reduce the number of stillbirths when added to transition and lactating-sow diets.

LivaPig is part of the Livelle range and Cargill’s latest innovation of the Piglet Livability concept.

Nitric Oxide technology support the farrowing process of sows by stimulating a larger blood supply to reproductive tissues.

Larger amounts of oxygen and blood flows to the piglets while in utero through the placenta and the umbilical cord. NO technology inside LivaPig is of dietary origin, making it very suited for moderate and heavy exercise like farrowing.

The LivaPig concept significantly decreases preweaning mortality shows a decrease in stillborns, leading to an improvement in piglet livability.

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