February 18, 2014 |

AgTrax Announces New Agronomy API

Seamlessly integrate data between AgTraxt and the AgWorks suite of Agronomy tools

AgTrax, one of the fastest growing agricultural accounting platforms in the industry has announced the release of its API for Agronomy. After months of development, QA and testing, all AgTrax customers and prospects utilizing the AgWorks suite of Agronomy tools, will soon have the option to seamlessly integrate data between the two programs with the help of XML Web Services. 

"A late 2011 announcement that AgTrax had formed a strategic relationship with AgWorks, an Iowa based Agronomy-specific software provider, brought tremendous excitement to our customer base states Gayle Lewis- Operations Director at AgTrax, acceptance of that program and the adoption rate has been tremendous.  We've taken that relationship to the next level with this API."

Lewis continues, "This API is the first in a long line of strategic relationships we've created that will offer a seamless integration to our customers, making data transfer between software programs a non-factor, eliminating the possibility of human error and immediately realizing efficiencies in daily data entry tasks.  Departmental employees can remain in the software that is specific to their needs and the API seamlessly moves pertinent accounting information to/from TraxView™ - the AgTrax suite of software.

AgTrax continues to be responsive to requests from our customer base- they asked for enhanced Agronomy tools so we brought them AgWorks, they asked us to eliminate dual entry of data, so we've created this API to simplify data movement."

AgTrax continues its efforts to grow through organic development, strategic relationships, increased marketing presence and integrated applications.   The company’s customers will continue to see additional functionality introduced to the platform via this API in the coming months.  

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