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September 18, 2018 |

AGCO Launches Agriculture Foundation

AGCO Agriculture Foundation will support global food security, sustainable agriculture development

AGCO is launching it AGCO Agriculture Foundation. “The AGCO Agriculture Foundation is a testament to our commitment to support farmers feeding the world. Our objective is to support non-profit initiatives that contribute to global food security, support sustainable agriculture development and have an economic impact in developing countries,” said Martin Richenhagen, AGCO’s Chairman, President and CEO.

The new philanthropic focus demonstrates AGCO’s strong commitment to specific Sustainable Development Goalsdeveloped by the United Nations that seek to end hunger and provide basic necessities to a growing world population.

AGCO has already been driving change globally, particularly in certain developing markets, by supporting farmer education initiatives as well as access to mechanization and agricultural projects. As a private organization, the AGCO Agriculture Foundation will leverage new partnerships and utilize its networks to develop and advance vital initiatives that will have a positive direct social, economic and environmental impact on communities around the globe.

“We believe that with our agriculture expertise and resources the foundation can truly maximize our efforts for a good cause,” says Metti Richenhagen, Manager, AGCO Corporate Social Responsibility and AGCO Agriculture Foundation.

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