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February 18, 2014 |

AFIA Releases Statement Regarding Chipotle’s “Farmed and Dangerous”

Show generates fictitious information about animal agriculture, specifically the animal feed industry

“Although many of us are entertained through the television programming that we choose, we must realize as consumers that what is portrayed by actors is just that, acting. Chipotle’s latest advertising campaign, ‘Farmed and Dangerous,’ generates fictitious information about animal agriculture, specifically the animal feed industry. Providing consumers with erroneous information about the food system prevents them from making adequate choices about the food available to them and their families. And the ability to make educated choices about the foods we consume is something AFIA members take great pride in helping consumers with.

“AFIA is disappointed with the Mexican food chain’s satirical comedy’s dismissal of the animal feed industry’s best practices and continual attempt to cause mistrust between consumers and the farmers who work tirelessly to provide a tremendous choice of quality and safe food. Ninety-seven percent of America’s farms are family owned, and AFIA represents more than 75 percent of the feed industry that supply the feed to those family farms. An example of the show’s inaccuracy is character Mick Mitcherson’s quote, ‘Livestock consume more than half the crops we grow here in America.’ In reality, livestock and poultry diets include on average 70 percent of corn ingredients and the feed industry only uses 34-36 percent of the annual American corn crop.

“The U.S. feed industry takes great pride in having the ability to provide safe and nutritious feed for the life-long health of the animal. Animal feed is precisely formulated by professional nutritionists and the law requires all ingredients that are used to manufacture animal feed are reviewed and approved by both state and federal agencies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“It is AFIA’s hope the viewing audience will take Farmed and Dangerous at face value and look elsewhere for their expert opinions on today’s food system. There are excellent resources available, including your local farmers, to ensure that all consumers make educated decisions about the safe food that America’s agriculture industry provides to your family and their own.”

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