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November 27, 2018 |

AFIA/KSU-500 Offers Feed Manufacturing Course

Topics include process flow from particle size reduction to batching and mixing and more

AFIA and K-State have developed educational programs designed to meet the training needs of feed industry employees and professionals. The benefits of e-learning, new methods of delivery and mobile learning technologies have proven beneficial in many industries.

The next online course being offered is AFIA 500: Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing. The course was developed by the feed technology group in K-State’s department of grain science and industry.

It will provide participants with in-depth understanding of feed manufacturing.

Topics include the process flow from particle size reduction to batching and mixing, to conditioning and pelleting, boilers, post-pellet systems, packaging and loadout and maintenance.

Even employees with years of experience in the feed industry will find this course valuable. AFIA 500: Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing begins Feb. 11, and will last a total of five weeks. Course participants may work at their own pace and engage in online discussions about the material presented.


When: February 11, 2019 - April 1, 2019


For more information, visit AFIA.

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