USDA Raises Exports and Lowers Corn Stocks in February WASDE

February 12, 2014 | Government | Commerce

HOUSTON (ICIS)--The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) increased corn exports by 150m bushels, which lowers current ending stocks to 1.481bn bushels, in the release of the February World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report on Monday.

With the revised figures the USDA is now projecting exports will total 1.6bn bushels and is giving some expectations that crop prices will hold firm heading into the 2014 planting season which will commence in the key growing regions over the next six weeks as weather permits.

In January the agency had projected there would be about 1.631bn bushels carried over but the latest USDA estimate paints a picture of a market growing...

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Colorado Governor Visits Oliver Manufacturing

February 12, 2014

LA JUNTA, CO:  On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, Oliver Manufacturing was honored and privileged to host a visit from the Governor of the State of Colorado, John W. Hickenlooper; Ken Lund, Executive Director for the Office of Economic Development and International Trade; and Kari Linker, Director of Regional Development with OEDIT.   It was a great opportunity to share with these distinguished visitors Oliver’s 83 year history and how Oliver has always maintained a significant global presence from rural Colorado location.

Oliver President/CEO, Brian Burney, showed the governor and the other guests a slide show presentation of information about Oliver Manufacturing.  Joe Pentlicki...

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OSHA Appoints New Deputy Assistant Secretary

February 12, 2014

Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels has appointed Dorothy Dougherty as the new deputy assistant secretary for OSHA. Dougherty brings more than 32 years of federal experience to this position, having served for 22 years in OSHA and several years in the Mine Safety and Health Administration as an industrial hygienist and coal mine inspector.

Prior to becoming OSHA's deputy assistant secretary, Dougherty served as the director of the agency's Directorate of Standards and Guidance. Dougherty first joined OSHA as chief of the Compliance and Technical Guidance Division for the Office of Federal Agency Programs. She also served the agency in...

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Illinois Farm Bureau President Stresses Importance of Grain Safety

February 12, 2014 | Safety

In a letter to Illinois Farm Bureau members, Richard Guebert, the organization’s president, recounts the tragic death of his cousin, who died while cleaning out a grain bin. Guebert explains that suffocation is a leading cause of death in grain storage bins, and reminds members to take the proper steps to ensure safety when entering grain bins.

OSHA has developed a number of educational resources to provide workers, employers, and safety and health professionals with useful, up-to-date safety and health information on grain handling facilities. To learn more about hazards and safety measures, visit OSHA's grain handling Web page.

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Three IPE Exhibitors Recognized for Long-Term Exhibiting Tenure at 2014 IPPE

February 11, 2014

Atlanta, Ga. – U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) recognized three companies that have been exhibiting for 50 or more years at the International Poultry Expo (IPE), part of the 2014 International Production & Processing Expo. Elton Maddox, Wayne Farms, Oakwood, Ga., and newly elected chairman of USPOULTRY, and James Adams, Wenger Feeds, Rheems, Pa., and past chairman of USPOULTRY, presented plaques to each company in acknowledgement of their long-term exhibiting tenure.

VAL-CO was recognized for 60 years of exhibiting at IPE. Poultry Times was recognized for 55 years of exhibiting at IPE, and Hy-Line International was recognized for 50 years of exhibiting at IPE.

“Your support...

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US Sorghum Sales to China Surge

February 11, 2014 | Commerce

This week's U.S. Grains Council Chart of the Week shows that U.S. sorghum sales to China have surged in the current 2013/2014 marketing year that began Sept. 1, 2013, up from zero last year to more than 1.6 million metric tons (62.9 million bushels) of combined exports and outstanding sales this year through Jan. 24. U.S. sorghum exports and outstanding sales to Japan also are up this year – from 91,700 tons (3.6 million bushels) last year to 270,400 tons (10.6 million bushels) this year. 

China provides a new opportunity for U.S. sorghum sales partly because of access barriers to U.S. corn in China. Although China's domestic corn prices are well above world market levels,...

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Alltech 30th International Symposium to Explore the “What If” Possibilities of Science, Ag and Nutri

February 11, 2014

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – As Alltech celebrates its 30th International Symposium from May 18-21 in Lexington, Ky., USA, it will invite its event delegates to explore the border between science and magic that genetics expert Dr. Eugenia Wang, University of Louisville, eloquently coined at last year’s Symposium. Balancing pragmatism with possibility, the 2014 Symposium will venture into the “What If” solutions that lie within science, agriculture and nutrition.
Sessions will specifically focus on Crop Science, Life Sciences, Africa, Business and Technology, On-Farm Solutions, and Opportunities with Algae and Aquaculture by delving into “What if:”
  • Farmers were more familiar with drones than...
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Randox Food Diagnostics Launch Test for Ergot Alkaloids

February 11, 2014

Randox Food Diagnostics is breaking into a new market announcing the release of its first mycotoxins screening product. The UK-headquartered company already has an extensive range of drug residue screening solutions both on traditional ELISA and its ground-breaking BioChip multiplexing platforms, supplying some of the world’s largest processors.

With a myriad of mycotoxins posing risk to consumers, Randox Food Diagnostics selected a niche product for market entry. Ergot alkaloids were the first mycotoxins which came to prominence, with incidences recorded as far back as the 800s AD. In modern times outbreaks in human populations are isolated, with the last major incident recorded in...

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Baldor Electric Company Announces Promotions

February 11, 2014

Fort Smith, Ark. - Baldor Electric Company is pleased to make the following staff promotion announcements:
Jeff Moore has been named Vice President of the Baldor-Dodge brand mechanical product marketing group based in Greenville, South Carolina. Moore has 22 years of experience in the mechanical power transmission industry and has been a product manager, regional sales manager, director of sales for the mechanical business, and Vice President of mechanical sales in North America.
Bob Nemecek has been named Vice President of Baldor-Dodge mechanical sales for North America and will be based in Greenville, South Carolina. Nemecek has 29 years of experience in the mechanical power...
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AFIA Joins National Coalition to Push for Federal GMO Labeling Solution

February 11, 2014 | Government

Arlington, Va., February 6, 2014 – The American Feed Industry Association today announced its membership in the newly formed Coalition for Safe Affordable Food (, joining a national effort to urge Congress to quickly seek a federal solution and establish standards for the safety and labeling of animal feeds, pet foods and human foods and beverage products made with genetically modified ingredients.
“AFIA firmly believes there should be a federal GMO labeling solution protecting consumers by ensuring the safety of both food and feed ingredients produced through the use of modern agricultural biotechnology,” said Leah Wilkinson, AFIA director of  ingredients, pet food and...
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