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February 13, 2018 | Elise Schafer

The Solutions Are Out There

Tackle your biggest challenges by arming yourself with knowledge and information

Quick — think of the biggest challenge you face at your job. The one that keeps you up at night or gives you gray hairs and a headache just thinking about it, let alone trying to solve it.

Chances are you can easily come up with one or two off the top of your head, maybe even more. (Although I hope not for your blood pressure’s sake!)

Did you name employee recruitment/retention, reducing operations costs, pest management or keeping up with grain industry regulations?

If so, you’re in luck because this year’s GEAPS Exchange, taking place in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center March 24-27, will deliver education presented by today’s leading experts on all of those topics and many more.

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society’s Exchange Planning Committee truly outdid itself this year by developing 40 hours of concurrent sessions organized into six tracks: Agribusiness Environment & Management Practice; Facility and Process Engineering and Construction; Facility and Process Operations Management; Grain and Oilseed Quality Management; Human Resources Management and Property and Casualty Risk Management.

In addition to the five sets of concurrent sessions, the Exchange will feature workshops dealing with crisis management and combatting the opioid epidemic within your workforce.

If your job entails equipment selection, the Expo hall is for you. The Exchange 2018 trade show will have more than 400 booths for you to gather information directly from manufacturers, and in most cases, see their equipment and products up close. Flip to pg. 38 for more details about GEAPS Exchange 2018.

Now, for those of you who can’t attend Exchange 2018 or other trade shows to help guide your equipment purchases, don’t forget there is a handy resource at your fingertips anytime with Feed & Grain’s Online Buyers Guide (

We’ve recently enhanced its features to include videos on equipment, products and individual companies. We’ve also given users the ability to download whitepapers, case studies and brochures, and are adding new product listings nearly every day. Best of all it’s available 24/7, unlike annual trade shows. Our Buyers Guide is the next best thing when that in-person experience isn’t an option. (Did anyone mention shrinking travel budgets in their list of work-related headaches?)

We all have challenging aspects of our jobs, but with the right tools and knowledge we can become better at taking them on. The solutions are out there — it’s just a matter of relying of the right resources to find them.

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