October 22, 2010 | Jackie Roembke

Seize the day, plan for tomorrow

Utilize equipment, technology to position your company for future success

Showcase 2011 marks two milestones: The beginning of a new year of opportunities and Feed & Grain's 50th anniversary. Over the course of our tenure many innovations have graced the pages of this magazine — and many of you have been with us along the way. For this, many thanks and a promise that we will stay true to our mission of delivering in-depth coverage and insights to the feed, grain and allied processing industries. 

As always, our goal — here and in every issue of Feed & Grain — is assist our readers in improving their operations and efficiency. Showcase puts on display the "behind-the-scenes" companies whose software, equipment and services lay the foundation for all the amazing handling and process feats Feed & Grain readers take on every day. There's no denying investing back in technology and upgrading will aid in positioning you for future success; use the 2011 edition of this comprehensive product- and company-focused buyer’s guide to assist you in seeking out solutions to your equipment and service needs. 

With the pages of Showcase, you can cross search by product category and supplier, or spot the items you are interested the pictorial product coverage and find the contact information of the respective companies in the back of the book. Notably, there have been a few additions in this edition, we have split one of our catch-all categories into three, much more appropriate groupings: Computers and Software; Dust Collection, Safety and Explosion Prevention; and Maintenance.

Whether it is found at FeedandGrain.com or trusty old paper ‘n ink, we strive to deliver information in which ever medium you prefer to receive it in. If you didn’t find what you were looking for within the pages of Showcase — or you’re simply interested in seeking out addition product information — visit Feed & Grain’s Online Buyer’s Guide at http://directory.feedandgrain.com. Search by company name, specific product or by product type — or just spend some time browsing — surely you will find the information you are looking for.

As you identify product and advertisements that pique your interest, you will also notice a similar unique link for directing you to the Online Buyer’s Guide for more information — e.g. directory.feedandgrain.com/[insert unique numeric code here]. Enter this URL into your browser and you will be brought directly to the company or product; and additional opportunities to peruse our extensive database. Again, whether you prefer to receive information electronically or in print, we’re giving you the option.

Moving forward, we have many exciting things in the works; please contact us with any suggestions or feedback.

Let’s go then and kick off this new, opportunity-filled year together.

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