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September 01, 2015 |

Midwest Construction Boom

With harvest yields continuing to increase and demand for animal protein continuing to rise, the need for storage and production has never been greater.

Midwest Construction Boom

1. University of Kentucky Department of Animal and Food Sciences Feed Center

Contracted Builder: Denham Blythe Co., Inc

Construction Start Date: Early spring of 2014

Construction End Date: May 2015

Production capacity: Up to 30 to 35 tons/day; currently 10 to 15 tons/day. Depends on research needs.

Facility Features: Expanded mixing capabilities with four stainless steel mixers (2-ton mixer, 1-ton mixer, 1,000-pound mixer, and 500-pound mixer) will greatly aid in the precision of mixing of research diets over a range from 100 pounds to 4,000 pounds

Stainless steel mixers aid in cleanout to prevent cross-contamination between batches of research diets

Dust collection equipment and a vacuum system will greatly aid in the cleanout process


2. CHS Larsen Cooperative Expansion Project in Readfield, WI

Contracted Builder: Buresh Building Systems Inc. with subcontractors Faulks Brothers Construction and Jakes Electric LLC.

Construction Start Date: June 1, 2015

Projected End Date: October 2015

Improvements Added:  The location will receive two 8-by 26-foot receiving pits, two 20,000-bushel/hour receiving systems and two 4,750-bushel/hour tower dryers. Readfield will also have two 104,000-bushel wet bins with full aeration floors. This will give the facility the ability to dry two commodities at once and increase the unloading speed to eliminate truck receiving lines.


3. CHS Larsen Cooperative Expansion Project in Center Valley, WI

Contracted Builder: Wisconsin Feed Mill Builders Inc. with subcontractors Radtke Contractors Inc. and Beez Electric Inc. 

Construction Start Date: June 1, 2015

Projected End Date: October 2015

Improvements Added: The location will receive two 15,000-bushel/hour receiving pits, two 15,000-bushel/hour receiving systems, and a 4,750-bushel/hour tower dryer with a foundation in place for future expansion. The project will also add a new 128,75-bushel wet bin with full aeration floor and a 644,000-bushel dry storage bin.  


4. Archer Daniels Midland Feed Plant in Glencoe, MN

Contracted Builder: SMA, LLC

Construction Start Date: June 2015

Projected End Date: First quarter 2016

Production Capacity: 80,000 metric tons of products/year

ADM on the new facility:  “A new, automated facility in Glencoe will help us drive operational efficiencies and better meet customer needs for swine and cattle feed products,” said Brent Fenton, president, ADM Animal Nutrition. “With these new plants in Minnesota and China, we are better able help to meet the needs of livestock producers around the world.”


5. TruHorizons Grain Elevator in Milford, IN

Contracted Builder: SMA, LLC

Construction Start Date: March 2015

Projected End Date: September 2016

Storage Capacity: 4.5 million bushel total storage capacity

Location Appeal: The 275-acre site at Milford includes connections to both the CSX and Norfolk Southern main rail lines, providing logistical advantages and a 140-car capacity. With volatile commodity and input prices, the opportunity to move large quantities of product in a cost-efficient and timely manner increases in significance each year and benefits all customers.

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