November 19, 2012 | Elise Schafer

International Production and Processing Expo Preview

With a new partner and focus on technology, the International Feed Expo offers attendees more than ever

The inaugural year of the International Production and Processing Expo is finally upon us. The trade show, consisting of the International Feed Expo, the International Poultry Expo and the International Meat Expo, will commence not only with an updated name, but with a new host partner — the American Meat Institute — and new educational and networking opportunities for attendees from all three industries.

Taking place from Jan. 28-30 at the Georgia World Congress in Atlanta, GA, the 2013 IPPE has grown to include 1,100 exhibitors, covering more than 420,000 net square feet of exhibit space.

For the first time, the American Feed Industry Association is participating in the Technology XChange program. Each 20-minute-presentation is designed to provide exhibiting companies and their customers with an opportunity for dialogue and discussion about specific, individual topics.

Sessions of interest to IFE attendees include Food Safety Interventions and Ingredients, covering new technologies associated with food safety, ingredients, intervention and validation technologies; Feed Technology, covering how new technology for feed manufacturing and innovative nutritional programs can be utilized in improving feed efficiency for livestock and poultry; and Sustainability, which will demonstrate how specific research or new technologies will address sustainability initiatives — enhance worker safety, reduce energy use (practices), improve natural resource conservation and/or reuse or recycle resources. The short presentations will take place on the show floor on Tuesday, Jan. 29 and Wednesday Jan. 30. Visit for a detailed speaker lineup and list of participating companies.

The AFIA is also hosting its popular annual programs, such as the Animal Ag Sustainability Summit, the Pet Food Conference and the International Feed Education Program. For more information about these and other educational programs, visit

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