September 22, 2020 | Elise Schafer

Picture Perfect

Calling all photographers for our annual harvest photo contest! Get your cameras ready ... entries are due Nov. 19

Last year's second prize winner -- Jim Larson, Red Wing Grain LLC, Red Wing, MN

This fall, most of us haven’t been able to rely on normal conventions for planning our daily activities. 

School, for example, was impossible to predict. Would students attend in person, virtually or part in person and part virtually? Would your college-aged children and grandchildren be able to live in dorms or have to stay at home for another semester? 

Furthermore, would any of these initial plans stay in place for more than a few weeks before the game plan changed again? Nobody knew.

At work, fall is when we’d normally begin making travel arrangements for the trade show season just around the corner. But this year, we — like most of you — are waiting a bit longer due to uncertainty whether in-person events will take place in 2021. As much as we’d like to see our colleagues again and do business face-to-face, right now it’s hard to say if it’s worth the risk. 

In a year when almost nothing is going “same as usual,” at least we can count on one thing — fall harvest. The crops farmers plant every spring are ready to be harvested each fall, despite whatever is going on in the rest of the world. 

And with that comes Feed & Grain’s annual Harvest Photo Contest. We’re calling on all readers to send in the best picture of your facility’s ground piles, grain dryers, temporary storage or material handling solutions. 

Email your entries to and be sure to include your company name, facility location and a brief description of the harvest activity taking place. Then, share your submission on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the tag #fgphotocontest, so your peers and our followers can see your photography skills! 

The winner will be announced in our January 2021 issue and wins a $100 VISA gift card. The deadline to enter is Nov. 19, 2020, so keep your cameras and phones handy. 

Good luck! ■

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