Familiar Feeling of Well-guarded Optimism with Farm Bill Prospects

Familiar Feeling of Well-guarded Optimism with Farm Bill Prospects

January 2014 | Departments | Legal Q&A | Brad McKinney

The last few weeks of November saw great promise on Farm Bill passage fade into familiar skepticism, as issues related to both policy and politics continued to impede progress of the conference committee. House Republican leadership had set a deadline of Dec. 13 for Farm Bill conferees to bring a conference- negotiated bill to the House floor, a deadline that seemed all but out of reach when conference committee leaders halted their negotiations before the Thanksgiving break without...

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King of the Hill: Who Feeds a Growing World?

January 2014 | Departments | Merchandisers' Corner | Diana Klemme

What kid hasn’t played “King of the Hill” at some point — battling to the top, and then having to defend their hard-won turf? U.S. grain exporters have faced that same battle in recent years even as global consumption, production and imports around the world have climbed sharply. Let’s face it: The U.S. has lost our position at the top of the hill in most exports. Chart 1 shows that exports of corn, soybeans and wheat have been nearly flat overall for 20 years, while foreign exports have...

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Making the Most of your Marketing Efforts: Reconsider Your Customers Needs

January 2014 | Departments | Manager's Notebook | By Joan Fulton and John Foltz

Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever. As a successful manager in the feed and grain industry, you are actively responding to the many demands of this ever challenging business environment, which likely includes a multifaceted marketing program. It is easy to become focused on all of the immediate decisions that need to be made (such as approving the latest update to your website; finalizing the price quote that is due within the hour, etc.). In this column we invite...

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East Versus West - Again

August/September 2013 | Departments | By Diana Klemme

Frank Sinatra crooned that love is lovelier the second time around. But any repeat of the Drought of 2012 was less than welcome this year and it continues to impact grain flows and basis even as combines roll on the 2013 crop. The good news is all signs indicate elevators will end up with around 3 billion more bushels this season:  Beginning US carryover stocks of are lower this year but total production is forecast to be around 3.4 billion bushels higher. (Corn, soybeans, sorghum, wheat,...

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Trade Partners, Industry Not Warm to COOL

Trade Partners, Industry Not Warm to COOL

October/November 2013 | Departments | Legal Q&A | By Todd Langel & Bradley McKinney

Multiple consumer and industry groups have sought to intervene in the suit in favor of the revised rules. The Plaintiffs have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction, seeking to halt the implementation of the rule before it causes further damage to the industry. The motion was denied on Sept. 11, 2013. In denying the Plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction, the Court held that the Plaintiffs failed to demonstrate a likelihood of success on the merits or irreparable harm. The...

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Expectations and Leadership: Dont Make them Guess

August/September 2013 | Departments | By Jay Akridge and John Foltz

One weekend, three brothers were building a new deck at one of the brother’s home. (One of the three brothers is co-author of this column.) Running out of weekend to finish the project, tensions started to build as reality began to set in. Then, it started to rain (we are not making this up!)—slowing progress even more. The brother with the least construction experience was working as fast as he could placing joists to support the deck. Unfortunately, he was not performing the task in the...

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A Strong Link in the Food Chain

August/September 2013 | Departments | By Bob Stallman

On July 30, a very significant event occurred for Feed & Grain magazine and the American Farm Bureau Federation.  While technically an acquisition of the former by the American Farm Bureau, I rather like to think of it as a marriage of two very strong brands that are deeply-rooted in the agriculture industry. While each in its own right is important to the agriculture community, both Feed & Grain and the American Farm Bureau Federation are strengthened because of the combination.

So, who...

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