‘Hello, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’

January 2008 | Editors Note |

No really, I am! Okay, so I’m having a little fun at the expense of those tireless legions of workers who ensure your tax dollars are being spent wisely, efficiently and with only your benefit in mind. Oops, there I go again.

You can’t escape the fact our government commands a large presence in our daily lives. Whether we Americans are working hard or playing harder, one would be hard-pressed to entertain either activity without some degree of oversight.

Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not...

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AFIA Looks Forward to Landmark Show

January 2008 | Special Report |

IFE offers an unprecedented opportunity to access a dynamic purchasing audience. Feed manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, equipment manufacturers and industry service providers find Expo the place to reach key decision makers and prospective customers from all segments of the industry.

Begun in 1949, AFIA’s Feed Expo has grown into the largest animal feed and ingredient show in the world. Co-located with the International Poultry Expo, IFE is looking to build upon the success of last...

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Teaming Up to Reach New Markets

January 2008 | Special Report | By Elise Schafer

The burgeoning biofuels market has created a whole new concern for grain producers: shipping DDGS overseas.

International Feed, a Minnesota-based supplier and exporter of animal feed ingredients, forged a relationship with an unlikely source to address the issue of storing and shipping their DDGS. Ashley Furniture, located blocks away from a grains transloading facility, offered a unique solution to their storage needs.

Arcadia Cooperative Association is a transloading facility located in...

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Selling: Where Marketing Meets the Customer

January 2008 | Departments | Drs. Joan Fulton, Jane Anderson & John Foltz

Selling is an integral part of your feed and grain business every day, and we are sure that you have extensive experience with selling. However, when was the last time you thought about your selling approach and identified factors that could improve your sales effectiveness?

In this column we use the four steps of the selling process to help you think about your customers and how to create a more effective relationship — making them more successful and you more profitable.

In the feed and...

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Mark to Market: Facts vs. Financial Fantasy

January 2008 | Departments | By Diana Klemme

Once again we are with Mike, the general manager of our mythical multistation grain cooperative located somewhere in the western Corn Belt. Today, Mike has wandered into an interesting conversation about subprime mortgages at the coffee shop. And what he hears is enough to make his coffee turn cold.

Mike rolled into the coffee shop parking lot past the crowd of pickups. Inside, farmers were scattered around debating the morning’s news when Mike overheard two of his co-op’s customers...

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