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For information on advertising or sponsorship opportunities with the new feedandgrain.com, visit our online media kit or contact Arlette Sambs; (920) 397-3828.

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For questions about circulation or about your magazine subscriptions you may call Toll Free: (847)382-9187, Local: (920) 397-3829 or email: Feed and Grain: Circ.FeedandGrain@omeda.com

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For general site suggestions, inquiries, questions or comments, please e-mail us. publisher@feedandgrain.com



Publisher, Feed & Grain

Arlette Sambs
Email: arlette.sambs@feedandgrain.com
Phone: (920) 397-3828


Elise Schafer

Email: elise.schafer@feedandgrain.com
Phone: 920-397-3831

Assistant Editor

Steven Kilger
Email: steven.kilger@feedandgrain.com
Phone: 920-397-3833


Jonathan Franks

Email: jonathan.franks@feedandgrain.com

Phone: 920-397-3835

Media Production Rep

Vicki Roth

Email: vicki.roth@feedandgrain.com
Phone: 920-397-3834