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VAA LLC (Van Sickle Allen)

VAA provides structural and civil engineering services in a variety of project types throughout the continental United States and Canada. Project Schedules and budgets are critical to project success, but understanding our client's objectives, developing great relationships, and being attentive to detail sets VAA apart.


Velocity is a leading provider of business software and application services for the agribusiness industry. Velocity helps businesses optimize functionality, reduce operating expenses and provide outstanding customer support. To learn more about velocity visit their website today!

Vertical Software Inc.

Vertical Software, Inc., the standard of excellence for Agri-Business Products since 1983. Our grain software provides reliable service for hundreds of companies across the US and Canada. From contract, to delivery, to storage, through settlement, and history, GrainTrac keeps track. GrainTrac works independently or fully integrates with all our software including our Scale, Feed, Fertilizer, Chemical, and Financial Accounting. Our scale software will capture your weights electronically. Save hundreds of hours of re-keying every year with our SpeEDI interface to ADM and Cargill. We also offer custom-built hardware and custom-built reporting tools.  Our great support staff has vast knowledge and experience in the grain industry.  Vertical Software provides software and hardware support you can count on seven days a week!


VICAM? rapid mycotoxin test kits are used by grower, processor, regulatory, and food company laboratories around the world for detection of mycotoxins, naturally occurring carcinogens, in foods and beverages such as peanuts, coffee, corn, grain/feed, milk, pet food, spices, beer, wine, and grape juice. VICAM immunoaffinity columns are cost-effective, simple to use, and provide precise numerical results at levels as low as in parts per billions, ensuring regulatory-compliance even under the strictest of government regulations, and with the recent launch of our qualitative, rapid strip tests, VICAM now offers a full spectrum of mycotoxin testing solutions.


For more than 35 years, Vortex has provided quality slide gates, diverters, iris valves and loadout equipment designed specifically for handling dry bulk solids in gravity, vacuum, dilute, or dense phase applications. Vortex valves are engineered for dependability, durability, easy maintenance, and offer proven solutions to material handling and process efficiency problems. With an in-house team of engineers, Vortex products can be completely customized for individual applications or special installations.