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last updated: July 25, 2017

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Strain Systems Inc.

Strain Systems Inc. was established in 2008 with the name Kistler Sensors to bring to market Mr. Kistler’s latest invention, the StrainCell™ sensor. The patented instrument results from his long-held vision to solve a persistent problem in the silo-weighing industry: the issue of temperature-induced errors in readings.

The StrainCell, which installs with a single bolt to the exterior surface of silos, compensates for temperature-related errors during expansion or contraction to ensure highly accurate weight and level measurement of bulk storage materials. By measuring in two directions and mechanically amplifying deflections and distortions, it improves upon the accuracy and reliability of all previous bolt-on strain-measurement inventions.

Product development and field trials continued into 2011. As the StrainCell proved itself in real-world applications, Kistler Sensors moved forward, formally announcing the new technology and new company in October 2011 (see press release here). Immediately the company began establishing a market presence and building a global distribution and sales system.

In January 2012, in acknowledgment of the high accuracy afforded by the new sensor, we announced the Kistler SOLO™ – now Strain Systems SOLO™ – and a new focus: turning silos to scales™ (see press release here). The SOLO combines the StrainCell with intelligent electronics to provide a turnkey weight and level measurement solution for bulk material storage and inventory control. The technology offers performance levels approaching those of expensive load cells but at much lower cost.

Releases of software followed the announcement of the SOLO, as we began exploring technological avenues for improving end-users’ experience with our products so that customers can focus on their own core businesses. We released the SOLO Manager to enable customers to set up, configure, and communicate from anywhere in the world on public or private networks with the SOLO systems installed on their silos or storage bins. Our Strain Systems Connexion™ is an industry first that turns customers’ cellphones into remote control devices. Connexion is an Android-based remote control and monitoring application that displays silo weight readings on Android smartphones.

In May 2012, Kistler Sensors’ name was officially changed to Strain Systems Inc. (see details here) with no change in our near-term emphasis on providing accurate, reliable, continuous, nonintrusive weight and level measurement solutions for silo inventory management.




Weighing & Bagging Equipment | Computerized Scale Systems | January 24, 2017

  • This technology offers a highly accurate, repeatable, stable and affordable measurement solution at performance levels approaching those of highly expensive load cells
  • The SOLO is easy-to-install, calibrate and operate, all while reducing up-front and operating costs

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