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Spiroflow Systems, Inc.

last updated: October 16, 2017

Office: 1609 Airport Rd.
Monroe, NC 28110
Phone: 704-246-0900
Toll Free: 888-909-7674
Fax: 704-246-0985

Spiroflow Systems, Inc.

Spiroflow Systems, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of both standard and custom powder handling equipment, specializing in bulk bag dischargers and fillers, flexible screw, aero mechanical, tubular cable drag, tubular chain drag, wrap and pneumatic conveyors, robotic palletizing and the Pacepacker range of automatic packing, pick and place solutions.  The company, with more than 40 years of experience, offers a wide range of innovative designs and design options for both small and large volume users.

Time and again, in chemical, food and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, minerals and plastics, our proven experience has enabled us to provide solutions to meet every handling need. Spiroflow’s four decades of experience in powder handling has allowed us to develop a large database of powder handling characteristics, how they interact with our equipment, and best practices in finding the solution that fits our customer’s needs.

Because materials have different flow and particle properties, they will behave quite differently under dynamic operating conditions. Our product database contains the handling and flow characteristics of a vast number of powders, granules, flakes, pellets and other forms of particulate material. This can often provide a ready solution to a customer’s equipment or systems requirement.

Along with our wide variety of Bulk Bag Fillers and Bulk Bag Dischargers, Spiroflow offers the widest range of conveying solutions available in the industry with Flexible Screw Conveyors, Aero Mechanical Conveyors, Tubular Cable & Chain Drag Conveyors and Pneumatic Conveyors.

Markets Served

Companies worldwide in many different industries profit from Spiroflow’s broad range of powder handling equipment and experience. Primary markets include the industrial, chemical, plastics, minerals, cement, food, dairy, snack food, confectionary, beverage, pet food, pharmaceutical, packaging, water treatment, environment, waste, recycling and others.

Technical Services

Our engineers custom design equipment to match customer requirements. After initial project interviews, Spiroflow engineers develop a project scope based on customer goals.  Spiroflow’s customized solutions are based on experience and testing that meets the needs of our customer’s project.

Product Testing

Preliminary material data through our extensive database assures compatibility with equipment being selected. An in-house testing service at our North Carolina facility analyzes and demonstrates customer material flow properties under actual operating conditions. Customers can attend live product testing in our lab or choose to view video of the testing using their material.


Our product line consists of:

Bulk Bag Fillers:  

Spiroflow offers a comprehensive range of bulk bag fillers with models ranging from simple hanging frames to highly accurate weighing and dust-free filling. 


Bulk Bag Dischargers: 

Spiroflow offers a full range of 11 different Bulk Bag Dischargers designed for a myriad of applications ranging from simple support frames to sophisticated models offering ‘total containment’  including  loss in weight/gain in weight, single trip, low head room, integral hoist, multi-discharger, total containment, Dairy and Pharmaceutical designs.


Flexible Screw Conveyors:

Often the simplest, lowest cost and most hygienic way to transfer powders, granules, pellets, flakes, lumps and other materials from storage to process, between processes and from process to packaging.  Their non-pulsing action makes them ideal accurate loss-in-weight and gain-in-weight metering feeders.


Aero Mechanical Conveyors:

Aero Mechanical Conveyors are one of the most efficient methods of conveying materials in terms of its dust-free and clean handling properties but correct rope monitoring is absolutely essential for optimum operation and maximum rope life. Spiroflow offers the only AMC in the industry with a patented automatic rope tensioning, monitoring adjustment system. Spiroflow’s patented integral Dynamic Automatic Rope Tensioner (DART) automatically measures and adjusts rope tension and also indicates when rope replacement is required. 


Tubular Cable & Chain Drag Conveyors:

Cableflow® Tubular Cable Drag Conveyors are designed for gentle product handling and for conveying in multiple planes.


Dynaflow® Tubular Chain Drag Conveyors are mechanical tubular drag conveyors operating within the confines of a pipe. In this conveyor, the discs that move material along the pipe are connected by articulated metal links (chains) meaning that they are well suited to the most arduous of applications.


The discs can be made from a variety of materials including steel and cast iron. This enables them to operate at temperatures up to 482°F.

Pneumatic Conveyors:

Spiroflow offers a complete line of high quality pneumatic conveying solutions.


With such a wide range of conveyors, Spiroflow can offer customers the optimum solution rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Spiroflow conveyors are performing reliably and accurately in a multitude of applications around the world.

Bag Placing, Bag Sealing & Robotic Palletizing Systems:

Our packaging product line has expanded Spiroflow’s capability to engineer, design and supply complete turnkey systems from raw material intake through storage, conveying, processing and screening to final bagging and robotic palletizing.  The product line, designed for companies working in materials handling and the food industry, includes:


Open Mouth Bag Hangers/Placers
Bag Forming & Closing Systems
Heat Sealers
Retail Pack, Pick & Place Solutions
Robotic Palletizing of Flexible & Non-flexible Packs.


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