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For over 40 years, REMBE® has been a leader in innovation of premium-quality combustible dust explosion protection systems, dynamic weighing systems and pressure/vacuum relief.  

The inventor of flameless venting for managing the potential catastrophic effects of combustible dust explosions, REMBE® specializes in indoor/outdoor applications with our Q-Rohr®-3 and Q-Box II flameless venting systems; a complete line explosion venting panels; isolation systems such as Q-FlapCompact II, EXKOP® II and suppression systems.

 The C-LEVER® direct flow meter has high measurement accuracy and is designed for a wide variety of bulk goods processing applications.

 REMBE®, INC., based in Charlotte, NC, is your local resource for combustible dust explosion protection, pressure/vacuum relief and dynamic weighing applications, with sales representatives throughout. 



EXKOP® system

EXKOP® system

Dust Control & Explosion Prevention | December 17, 2014

For over 40 years, REMBE® has been a leader in innovation of high-quality combustible dust explosion protection systems.  An effective means of isolating enclosures to prevent further spread of explosion pressure and flames must be an integral component of such a system.  And now, the NEW and IMPROVED REMBE® EXKOP® system is available for many more applications: for ST 2 dusts, reduced eplosion pressures (Pred) of up to 2 bar and larger diameters!

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