Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd.

last updated: July 21, 2017

Office: 47 Canterbury Road
Australia, VIC 3195
Phone: 1-300-332-242
Fax: 1-300-475-242

Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd.


Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd. is based in Melbourne and specialises in industrial machinery component and accessories. Prime Manufacturing Pty Ltd.'s complete range includes bucket elevator components, Conveyor equipment components, engineering plastics Products, drag conveyor components. Includes - elevator bolts, belt fasteners and conveyor chains & sprockets, Material handling components, Screw Conveyor, Conveyor Belt, Screw Flights, Elevator belt, Elevator bucket, Roller Conveyor, belt fastener grain augers, elevator bolts, PTFE products, UHMWPE Sheet Rod and Tube, Impact Bars and etc.


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