Honeyville Metal, Inc.

last updated: November 19, 2019

Office: 4200S 900 West
Topeka, IN 46565
Phone: 260-593-2266
Toll Free: 800-593-8377
Fax: 260-593-2486
Website: honeyvillemetal.com
Email: info@honeyvillemetal.com

Honeyville Metal, Inc.


Honeyville Metal Inc. has been in business now for over 65 years in a rural area of Topeka, IN. Serving our customer base is just as important today as it was in the beginning. We manufacture a complete line of agricultural and commercial Grain Handling equipment including galvanized bucket elevators, pit type incline drag conveyors, horizontal drag conveyors, manual and electronic controlled distributors, u-trough screw conveyors, conveyor supports and towers with related accessories. We also manufacture Dust Collection Systems for both the grain and woodworking industries including components such as fans, rotary airlocks, baghouse filters, cyclones, self-contained collectors, several storage options, trunking and related accessories.


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