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last updated: June 26, 2017

Office: 1400 W. 94th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55440
Phone: 952-887-3131
Toll Free: 800-365-1331
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For decades, Donaldson Torit has offered manufacturers the most advanced and reliable dust collectors and filters available. The pairing of these industry-leading collectors and filters helps increase manufacturing efficiencies and provides a cleaner environment for employees—ultimately increasing a manufacturer's productivity and its bottom line. 

Donaldson Torit products can help safeguard that bottom line with the most innovative collectors and filters, expertly engineered by its unparalleled team of R&D engineers to provide long-term value. The industry’s broadest range of traditional baghouses, cartridge collectors and the new PowerCore® dust collector series ensures there is a Donaldson Torit quality collector for almost any application.

Donaldson Torit’s industry-leading distribution support means that more than 90,000 filters for all popular collectors are in stock and ready to ship in 24 hours. When you work with Donaldson Torit, you always get Exactly What You Need.


Connected Technology

Operations Management, Consulting & Financial Services | February 12, 2020

  • Uses sensors and a controller to gather real-time data from a collector, apply analytics in the cloud and relay insights back to the operator through a web-based dashboard and email or text alerts
  • Proper maintenance such as timely filter changes or earlier hopper cleaning can help prevent larger problems, assist in optimizing performance and aid in reducing total dust and fume management costs over time

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