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Brock Grain Systems

last updated: June 12, 2018

Office: 611 North Higbee Street
Milford, IN 46542
Phone: 574-658-4191
Fax: 574-658-4133
Email:; (Sondra Hurd, sales leads)

Brock Grain Systems


BROCK SOLID™ Grain Systems

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Brock Grain Systems manufactures a wide range of grain storage, conditioning, handling and structural systems dedicated to preserving value from harvest to market for worldwide distribution. Brock offers unstiffened and stiffened grain storage bins/silos with some of the largest and tallest single bin models available, the largest of which holds up to 1.34 million bushels. Brock’s unstiffened and stiffened hopper-bottom storage bins are available in several different hopper angle configurations with the largest models holding up to 58,000 bushels. 

Also a part of Brock’s product line are grain drying systems providing users with innovative, energy-efficient features with the largest models capable of drying up to 10,000 bushels of grain per hour. Along with RILEY™ Grain Conveyor and Bucket Elevator Systems and LEMAR™ Support Tower and Catwalk Structure Systems, the company also manufactures and markets bin/silo accessories like bin access doors; aeration fans, drying and aeration floors; sidewall ladders and exterior stairways; towers and catwalks; and the MODEL ABC™ and MAVERIK HTF® Sweep and Unloading Systems.   

As a global division of CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company, Brock Grain Systems remains committed to providing Leadership Through Innovation® and has adopted growth strategies that will enable the company to continue to serve the grain industry with excellence far into the future.


Sweep Systems

Conveying & Material-Handling Equipment | Augers | October 03, 2018

  • For handling the unloading chores in a grain storage bin, Brock offers several reliable, top-quality bin sweep choices and all have options for zero-bin-entry use
  • All Brock sweep systems are designed to be fully-submersed in grain until the sweep is needed to finish the bin unloading process

Grain Dryers

Aeration, Drying & Storage Equipment | October 03, 2018

  • Brock Grain Systems produces continuous flow and batch dryers for both commercial and farm use under the brand names of MEYER ENERGY MISER® and BROCK®: Capacities range up to 10,000 bushels (250 metric tons) per hour
  • Both tower dryers feature Brock’s patented circular drag unloading system that evenly meters and gently delivers the grain to a discharge point at the perimeter of the dryer


Aeration, Drying & Storage Equipment | May 16, 2016

  • Used to distribute air evenly in grain storage bins ranging in diameters from 15 to 90 feet (4.6 to 27.4 meters) and up to 100 feet (30.5 meters) in eave height for aeration and in-bin drying of variety of grains, including granola
  • Distinctive triangle-shapped center leg design offers three more support at the floor's crown compared to previous aeration designs

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