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BlueLevel Technologies Inc.

BlueLevel Technologies focuses its 35 year of experience in process measurement and control on developing, manufacturing and applying a wide variety of sensor technologies exclusively for the measurement and detection of material levels in bins, tanks, silos and hoppers.  These materials may include liquids, powders and granular materials. 

We serve industry with our "Just Level" passion and these industries include feed & grain processing from the farm to the mill.  In addition, we serve many other industries including concrete, cement and aggregates, food processing, plastic processing and many more.

Our products are designed for use specifically in feed & grain facilities using food grade components for materials of construction on wetted parts.  The Model RH/RHX bin level indicator is a leading sensor of bulk solid materials within all of our served industries.

BM&M Screening Solutions

BM&M custom manufactures a wide selection of high speed gyratory screening machines for the feed and grain sector. We produce small capacity feed pellet screens, all the way up to large capacity grain export screens.  Element area available ranges from 12 ft² up to 600 ft².

Borton LC

Specialize in slipform silos, barge, train and truck loadouts,material handling systems, shut down work and large foundations.

Bratney Companies

Bratney Companies is a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment for the seed, feed, grain and other agricultural industries. These products are supported by our disciplines of design, engineering and construction services allowing us to offer the industries most innovative, equipment and design. Whether you are looking for a new facility or renovating an existing, you can rely on our experience and process knowledge to help you in your quest. We represent Cimbria, world-renowned supplier of cleaning and separating equipment and Premier Tech Chronos, the world’s leader in packaging technology. Whether you are running 100 or 10,000 bushels per hour or packaging 5 or 40 bags per minute or using paper, poly woven, or poly woven laminate bags, we have equipment to handle your needs. This combined with our turnkey services, brings you the total service package. 

Brock Grain Systems

Brock Grain Systems manufactures a wide range of grain storage, conditioning, handling and structural systems dedicated to preserving value from harvest to market for worldwide distribution.

Bruker Optics Inc.

For over 30 years, Bruker Optics has supplied advanced FT-NIR and FT-IR
technology to customers worldwide. Our spectrometers perform
exceptionally in thousands of laboratories and in production lines
totally integrated into the whole process of product development,
production and quality control. Today, Bruker Optics is the fastest
growing NIR supplier in the world providing solutions to all kind of
industries including the food and feed industry. With the launch of the
TANGO FT-NIR analyzer, Bruker Optics set a milestone in quality control.
Bruker Optics has been working closely together with their grain, feed
and milling customers to develop a system which fulfills the major
requirements of modern FT-NIR spectroscopy: robustness, high precision
and straight-forward operator guidance. Many multinationals now commit
to the TANGO as the new workhorse in their laboratories, convinced by
its smart design and intuitive handling. Bruker's proven RockSolid
technology has been combined with easy-to-use touch screen operation and
a small footprint, which makes TANGO ideal for routine applications in
QC labs and feed mills.

BS&B FlameSaf Limited

BS&B FlameSaf Limited is a safety company dedicated to protecting industrial plants and personnel from the dangers of explosion and f propagation. The company’s rich history spans more than 80 years with the BS&B name being well known for its innovative solutions for personal protection against dangerous over pressurizations and explosions within industrial settings.  BS&B offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that meet and exceed rigorous industry standards for quality and reliability. Our integrated solutions have been time tested and fine-tuned to deliver maximum value and greater efficiencies to individual engineering processes.

Bühler Inc.

Bühler Inc. supplies complete feed manufacturing and grain handling installations. Providing a full line of equipment, as well as design and construction services. Bühler - based on experience, focused on the future.

Bulk Ag Innovations

Bulk Ag Innovations develops and manufactures specialized material handling equipment for the efficient loading of intermodal containers, railcars and flat storage facilities.  Our SuperLoader™ and Grain Diverter lines are highly customizable, handling grains and dry bulk material without damage. The Company’s products can fill 40’ intermodal containers to capacity in as little as 7 minutes and more efficiently fill flat storage facilities while putting more material in the same space.  Provides a variety of food grade bulk bags, container liners, flat storage bags for transporting/protecting high value commodities, a complete line of Donaldson filtration systems and parts, rotary dryer parts and engineering services for facility planning and design.

Bulk Conveyors Inc.

he dry bulk conveying industry has seen many changes in the past few years.  During this period of time Customer Service has become a thing of the past with some manufacturers.  Our dedicated Team believes that the customer comes first and that great Customer Service is something that should be at the forefront and not relegated to a memory of the past. 

Bunting Magnetics Company

For over 50 years, Bunting® has established itself as an industry-leading manufacturer in several product lines. The company, headquartered in Newton, KS, has seven major locations including our Magnet Materials Division in Elk Grove Village, Illinois; our Flexible Die Division in Newton, KS; our Magnet Applications Limited (MAL) manufacturing operation in Berkhamsted, England, Magnet Application, Inc facility in Dubois, Pennsylvania, our purchasing office for Bunting China located in Ningbo, China and our official licensee in Boronia Victoria, Australia, Alpha Magnetics Pty Ltd.

Since our founding, we have been solving problems with magnetic energy for manufacturers of everything from paper towels and cardboard boxes to automobiles, plastic housewares, food products, and electronic equipment.

In 1979, we moved our manufacturing operations from Chicago, Illinois, to Newton, Kansas. But we continue to maintain warehouse and mail order service in Chicago to streamline order handling and speed distribution.

Our Newton facility is where our design and manufacturing engineers work with the latest computer-aided design equipment to develop new products and to adapt existing products for special applications.

We are constantly seeking new ways in which magnetic products can provide the industries we serve with more efficient production techniques. The science that we apply offers an economical, permanent energy source. We believe that it will play an increasingly important role in our nation’s future – in contributing to the increased efficiency so vital in competitive world markets.

Our first 50 years has been a profile in growth and innovation. Now and in the future, we are striving to keep improving and build upon the legacy.

Buresh Building Systems Inc.

Buresh Building Systems, Inc. is a design-build general contractor specializing in the agricultural, industrial, and commercial markets providing turnkey design and construction services for both new and existing facilities. We are your single source design-build contractor. We are prepared to lead you through each phase of your project from initial design through startup of your facility. Our ability to self-perform your work is what enables us to control the quality, schedule, and cost on each project saving our customers time and money.

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