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Airflow Systems

For more than two decades, Airflow Systems, Inc. has been meeting industrial air filtration needs. Whether it's dust collection, mist collection, fume extraction, or vehicle exhaust removal, Airflow Systems is leading the way with cutting-edge engineering and precision manufacture, providing better solutions, every day.


Airlanco is a world class manufacturer of air management equipment. Specializing in the design of custom solutions for a wide range of industries. Airlanco air filtration systems help companies meet OSHA, EPA and other clean air guidelines.

Airmatic Inc.

Since 1944, AIRMATIC has been providing the national grain handling industry equipment and machinery such as WORKMASTER® hopper car gate openers and railcar vibrators; Vibrators, aerators, and air cannon systems for bins and silos; Bin level detectors; Automatic lubricant dispensers; Belt conveyor components & accessories; Dust collection and suppression equipment; Safety hard hats and bump caps; and, throughout the Northeastern states, mechanical silo clean-out, and installation and maintenance services of bulk solids handling equipment. Our Customers tell us that by choosing AIRMATIC to solve their problems, they gain increased productivity, decreased costs, and a safer, cleaner work environment.

Allatoona Machinery Company

Material Handling equipment for Grain.All sizes of Belt Conveyors.We specialize in grain conveyors and drive over conveyors for unloading hopper bottom trucks. See our website at for information on our Drive Over Conveyors. 15,000 bph

Allerair Industries

Allerair Industries is a leading manufacturer of air cleaners to remove mold spores and dusts from the air.

Systems are manufactured with 10 micron filters, HEPA filters and bag filters.

Custom manufacturing projects available

Allstate Tower Inc.

Allstate Tower, Inc. is a manufacturing company that produces: elevator support towers, catwalks/conveyor supports, super structures, platforms, stairways, and accessories for agricultural and bulk material handling applications. The entire product line, including foundations, can be custom designed and manufactured to meet any need.

The 275,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility with more than seven acres under roof and new machinery has allowed them to create the most efficient, cost-effective fabrication process to meet the quality, safety, and price expectations of their customers. ENR’s Magazine ranked them No. 561 for 2012 list of Top 600 Specialty Contractors.  

American-Newlong Inc.

American-Newlong, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of automated, open-mouth bag packaging and closing systems and equipment. American-Newlong offers a range of filled bag closing machines and sewing heads, heat sealers and pinch bag sealers, and semi-automated and automated packaging systems that weigh, check weight, pack, close, distribute and palletize. Indiana headquarters offers full parts and service support for all products, with multiple dealers and distributors.
Three series of filled bag closing machines are available, along with several models of filled bag closing heads with speeds from 1,400 to 2,700 rpm. American-Newlong also offers portable sewing heads/bag closers. Various heat and pinch bag sealers and automatic bagging machine models feature numerous speeds and capacities, depending upon specific applications. These bag packaging machines use many types of bag materials, including poly, poly woven, paper and plastic bags. One of North America's largest and oldest distributors for Fuji robotic palletizers, American-Newlong offers four models of Fuji Robotic Palletizers featuring palletizing capacities from 600 to 1600 cycles/hr. The EC-171 high speed Robotic Palletizer is the most technologically advanced Fuji robot model to date. This advanced palletizer delivers speeds up to 20 cycles per minute and is equipped with a built in collision detect system. The EC-171 incorporates the largest working envelope of all Fuji models while maintaining the smallest rotation radius and energy efficiency.

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