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July 20, 2018 | FBN Insights | Kevin McNew

Trump Threatens More Tariffs

Trump said that he is “ready to go” on $500B worth of tariffs on China

Trump Threatens Another $500 Billion Round Of Tariffs

On an interview with CNBC, President Trump said that he is “ready to go” on $500 billion worth of tariffs on China. President Trump demands that China take measures to reduce the $375 billion trade deficit with the United States. Earlier this month, the US put on tariffs worth $34 billion on Chinese goods. When asked if he would implement these tariffs given they might send stocks tumbling, President Trump said, “If it does, it does. I’m not doing this for politics.”

EU Courts to Decide the Future of Gene Edited Crops Next Week

Europe’s highest court will rule on a case next Wednesday on whether gene edited crops should fall under the same legal classification as GMO crops, which have long been restricted in Europe. The EU currently only allows for one type of genetically modified corn to be grown and has strict rules on the importation of GMOs and will only allow their use in animal feed. The court seems to be leaning towards the biotech industry, with advocates noting the possible exemption of gene edited crops from GMO rules if they are proven to have no foreign DNA added to them.

High Temps Continue in Southern Midwest

E Kansas and N Missouri are expecting a heat index of 100 degrees now and through the weekend. This area also has been under severe drought conditions. E Oklahoma and W Arkansas will see a sweltering 115 degree heat index through the weekend as well. Excessive heat warnings and advisories are in place for large parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and parts of southern Kansas and Missouri.


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