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April 16, 2019 | Coach’s Corner | Greg Martinelli

Top Five Sales Strategies from Coach’s Corner

The most popular Coach’s Corner posts from the first year


Coach’s Corner is dedicated to making you the best salesperson you can possibly be.  Today, we review the best of the best from this year’s articles.  Enjoy them and I look forward to another great year of learning and sharing, Greg

#5 — “No” is just the Beginning

This is not another “We don’t take “No” for an answer article.”  This article helps you understand the real selling process begins when you get that first “No” from a prospect.  We uncover the two most common mistakes salespeople make when calling on busy farmers and how to avoid them so we don’t end up with objection. 

#4 — 20 Questions for the Ag Salesperson

Effective selling strategies begin with pre-call planning, followed by high-value questions.  Answer these 20 questions to gain a new perspective of your territory, your customers and yourself.  Determine if you know your customers, your market and are headed in the right direction.

#3 — 7 Strategies for Selling to Busy Farmers

We work and sell in a very seasonal business.  Planting season is upon us now and harvest is only 100 days away.  At these times, our customers are so busy, we think there is nothing we can do with them on the sales side.  Read this article to discover seven strategies you can employ to work with customers at their busiest times.

#2 — Quit these 7 Behaviors to Sell More

Yes, winners quit!  Read this article to uncover those things you need to stop doing in order to be more successful in your sales.

And the #1 Top Coach’s Corner article — Sell More by Telling Better Stories

Stop the data dumping charts and graphs that every other salesperson out there is using.  Start telling better stories.  Learn how the Hollywood-storytelling method can make you a successful salesperson.   

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