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Three Messages for the Grain Industry

Hani Almoghrabi from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS shares what the company offers the industry


Hani Almoghrabi, product manager – large industrial drives (Photoby: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS)

In 1965, Günter Schlicht and G. A. Küchenmeister cofound Getriebebau NORD in Bargteheide, Germany. The company supplied geared motors, building the gear unit housings, shafts and flanges in-house. As the company grew across the world, it started to build the other components for geared motors. In the 1980s, NORD became a complete drive solution supplier. Today, the company’s largest subsidiary is NORD DRIVESYSTEMS in the United States, with headquarters in Waunakee, WI, and two other plants. Last year, NORD posted double-digit sales growth and is repeating again in 2018.

Hani Almoghrabi, product manager – large industrial drives, spoke with Feed & Grain about NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. He discussed the company’s product/service offering for the grain handling industry.

“First, the NORD Endurance Package is designed specifically for the grain industry,” says Almoghrabi. “This predictive maintenance package is aimed at increasing operational reliability, and simplifying maintenance/preventative work.”

Standard features of the package include a Desiccant breather keeping dust and debris out of the oil, a 3D Bullseye sight glass for ease of checking the gear reducer oil level and an oil sampling port for ease of sampling. This makes basic maintenance tasks easier and reduces downtime. 


Over the course of the equipment’s lifetime, the NORD Endurance Package will save grain facilities countless maintenance hours and most importantly — keeps grain flowing. 

“Second is integrated direct drive mounting,” explains Almoghrabi. “The belts and sheaves that are all too often used are considered old technology.”

Direct mounting offer users higher efficiency, easier installation, increased safety and ease of maintenance.  NORD offers a complete package solution that includes the gearbox, motor and electronic drives.

“Third is NORD’s global presence,” says Almoghrabi. “With manufacturing facilities in 35 countries, we stand ready to serve our global customers in all regions of the world.” In the United States, NORD is known for responsive service, shipping more than 300 motors and 600 gearboxes/day. On average, NORD ships nearly 85% of all orders received in three weeks or less.

With manufacturing facilities around the world, NORD can save customers money and ensure they get the best service no matter where they are located or the location of the facility being built.

“We worked with a U.S.-based company on a project destined for the Czech Republic,” Almoghrabi explains. “NORD was able to save the customer on shipping costs by dispatching product from our facilities in Germany, and supported start-up with NORD staff based in the Czech Republic.”


NORD offers complete drive system packages for industries across the spectrum with special features and attention to the grain industry says Almoghrabi.

“NORD offers a wide range of power transmission products, gearbox line covering up to 2,000 horsepower in addition to motors and electronic component (fully designed and manufactured by NORD),” explains Almoghrabi. “NORD has a solution for any need in the grain industry, no matter how big or small.”

For more information on NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, visit the Feed & Grain Buyer’s Guide. Contact them at 608-849-7300 or, and follow them at

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