June 11, 2020 | Supplier’s Side |

Soybean Processing Plant Finds Safe Unloading Solution

Rose Acre Farms installs seven flat-bottom cantilever reclaim systems into all of its storage silos

Rose Acre Farms, located in Seymour, IN, is a soybean processing plant that had problems storing and unloading its soybean meal safely. 

It needed a company with proven experience working with meals, and turned to Laidig Systems to design and engineer a more effective, efficient and safer solution. 

Rose Acre had originally used cone-bottom silos without unloaders to store their material, with the anticipation that the processed meal would flow freely into the trucks for a safe, efficient loadout and transport. 

The company discovered the soybean meal would bridge in the silo –- especially in the summer –- making it difficult to unload. 

Compounding that issue was the fact that large amounts of the heavy and sticky meal would break and fall, sometimes causing damage to the silo, and making employee safety an even larger concern.

With Laidig Systems, Rose Acre immediately saw the value of Laidig’s experience in handling and solving soybean meal issues. It also realized the value of working with Laidig’s various teams -– from engineering and design, manufacturing and construction services – and how the collaboration enhanced a fully automated solution.

Today, Rose Acre operates more efficiently, effectively, and safely, after installing seven Laidig flat bottom cantilever reclaim systems into all of its storage silos.

A consistent, efficient, and safe operation is the main priority at Rose Acre. Although the company is prepared with a back-up storage plan, it's imperative to have equipment issues taken care quickly when they do arise. 

“We’re running our machines all day, every day," says David Thompson, beanmeal plant manager. "Things malfunction, that’s just a part of our business. I also know that Laidig is always close by -- either by phone or in person –- and they always have someone available to assist us. It’s nice to have that kind of security.”

Several Laidig models are at the heart of the Rose Acre operation, and all of them operate to keep their soybean meal business running effectively, efficiently and safely. 

Throughout his experience with Laidig, Thompson says productivity at Rose Acre Farms has been at its highest levels, and the safety of its employees is even higher. It's clear to Rose Acre Farms that Laidig was the best solution for its needs. 

"It’s almost impossible for us to operate here at Rose Acre without a Laidig Reclaim System," says Thompson. "It's by far the best solution we have for our production needs, and it certainly takes the danger out of the equation. We go 24 hours, 7 days a week, and Laidig keeps us going."

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