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August 11, 2020 | Supplier’s Side |

Safe, Efficient Material Handling Essential for Feed Mills

With a global pandemic, the need for a safe food supply has never been more important

We are definitely living through challenging times, and the need for a safe food supply has never been more important. 

The efficient storage and reclaiming of meals is even more essential to the overall operation of a feed mill during these challenging times.  


Automation is key to providing value to a product. Push-button designs that create a consistent flow of meal to process or load out ensures optimum productivity and efficiency. 

For example, Laidig's specially designed reclaim augers continually rotate 360 degrees around the bottom of the silo. This eliminates restricted flow issues, rat-holing, and bridging. The ability to receive controlled meal flow on demand provides tremendous flexibility for feed production.   

An automated storage and reclaim system also keeps employees safe by offering a zero-entry operation that offers a safe, dependable flow of meal as required.  This process is easily accomplished from the feed mills control room, which eliminates the use of front-end loaders, sledge hammers, air whips, and various other forms of manual processes. The elimination of risks associated with manual movement of material is always a high priority.

The reduced need for manpower is clearly important in today’s business climate. Automation minimizes the costly impact of employee turnover, hiring and training. 

Maintenance & serviceability

Reinforcing the concept of safety, ease of maintenance and serviceability is also crucial. Drive systems designed to permit service accessibility external to the material flow are key.

First in-first out inventory control

Additional customer value is realized through improved feed quality. Laidig reclaim systems create a first in-first out (FIFO) inventory control to safeguard against material becoming stagnant inside the silo. Stagnation leads to meal that potentially could become hard, moldy or infested. Low quality meal results in low quality feed.    

Laidig’s flat bottom and cone bottom reclaim augers are uniquely designed to convey material uniformly around the bottom of the silo.  All Laidig reclaim augers cut very close to the silo wall to make certain material successfully falls at the perimeter.  The area where the cone or floor meets the silo sidewall is a common location for stagnant material to accumulate and can lead to bridging.       

Another important factor in maintaining a FIFO environment is control logic. Laidig engineers have developed a control logic package that ensures the reclaim auger safely and efficiency advances around the bottom of the silo. Consistent advancement of the reclaim auger conveys material from the bottom of the silo and results in the continuous flow of material above. 

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