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China’s Yuan Falls Sharply in the Overnight

The sharp drop in the Chinese Yuan rippled throughout global markets last night and triggered selling in commodities.

In the overnight session the grains are trading lower with corn own 6 1/4 cents, soybeans down 14 3/4 cents and wheat down 7 3/4 cents. The U.S. dollar is lower by .17 percent and crude oil is trading lower by over a dollar. China policy makers cut its daily reference rate by 1.9 percent which triggered a sharp selloff in its currency the Yuan. The policy to cut the reference rate was intended to help combat the economic slowdown that has dominated Chinese markets over the last few months. The move to cut rates and devalue the Yuan triggered selling in commodities last night as traders worried that a continued decline in the currency would hurt the buying power of Chinese consumers.


Crop progress was reported yesterday and showed that corn and soybean conditions were unchanged. The corn crop was rated 70 percent good-to-excellent and the soybean crop was left unchanged at 63 percent rated good-to-excellent. Weather over the next two weeks will be critical for soybeans which have 69 percent of the crop setting pods. Winter wheat harvest has mostly wrapped up with 97 percent of harvest complete which is ahead of the 4 year average of 90 percent harvested. Spring wheat conditions declined by 1 percent to 69 percent of the crop rated good-to-excellent.


Brazil’s government crop supply agency dramatically increased their 2014/15 corn crop to 84.3 million metric tons from 81.81 million metric tons in July. The soybean crop was left mostly unchanged at 96.20 million metric tons compared to the July estimate of 96.22 million metric tons. Conab forecast 2015 wheat production would total to 7.00 million metric tons on par with July’s estimates.


Keep in mind that the August Supply and Demand report and Crop Production report will be released on August 12th at 11 AM CST. These reports will show the resurveyed acreage throughout much of the states that experienced heavy rainfall throughout the spring and will provide the first survey based yield estimates.   

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Grains Start the Week on a Strong Note

Grains start higher on Monday, but two reports scheduled for release on Wednesday will dominate price direction for the second half of the week.

In the overnight session the grains traded higher with corn up 4 cents, soybeans up 7 1/2 cents and wheat up 1/2 cent this morning. The U.S. dollar is trading .16 percent higher and crude oil is up 21 cents this morning. Traders will be focusing on the Crop Production report and Supply and Demand report scheduled for release at 11 AM CST on Wednesday. Traders will also be paying close attention to the crop progress to be issued out at 3 PM CST.


Last week both Informa and FC Stone released their yield estimates for corn and soybeans below the existing July USDA forecast. Informa set its corn yield forecast at 165.4 BPA and its soybean yield forecast at 45.4 BPA. FC Stone set its corn yield estimates at 165 BPA and its soybean 45 BPA. The July USDA forecast set corn yield at 166.8 BPA and soybean yield at 46 BPA.


Thundershowers provided relief to some of the drier areas in the grain belt over the weekend and more scattered showers are expected today. The 6-10 day forecasts continues to show drier than normal conditions across the majority of the grain belt with some precipitation expected in the northern areas in the 8-14 day forecast.  


France is expected to harvest 28 percent less corn than 2014 after fewer acres were planted this year and dry, hot weather damaged crop development and robbed yield potential. The latest forecast for French corn production is roughly 13.2 million metric tons with an average yield of 8.3 metric tons per hectare. French corn production is down from a production record in 2014 that yielded 10.4 metric tons per hectare.  


On Friday, Saudi Arabia bought 505,000 metric tons of wheat in an international tender supplied by a variety of countries throughout the European Union, North America, South America, Australia and Canada. Jordan’s state grain buyer also issued a tender for 100,000 metric tons of corn to be sourced from optional origins. 

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Weekly Cash Comments

Cash Commentary for week ending August 7th

Grain futures were mostly stable this week as traders’ awaited fresh news on the crop supply situation from USDA’s August 12th report. In the cash market, average basis levels across the country were mostly unchanged for soybeans but up 2 cents a bushel on the week for corn.


For corn, export bids at the Gulf were off this week by 3 cents a bushel which put upland river terminals on the defensive for the week. Some terminals slipped as much as 10 cents on the week. The one bright spot was ethanol plants which posted a 4-cent gain on the week. Eastern Cornbelt plants in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio were especially strong with gains of 10 to 15 cents on the week fairly common.


In soybeans, cash basis along the river was dragged lower by Gulf bids that plunged 41 cents this week. Cancellations of old crop export sales in the past few weeks has taken the premium out of spot beans and caused spot basis levels to erode. At soy crushing plants, basis levels put up a 3-cent advance for the week although double-digit moves up or down were fairly typical as plants jockey for late season supplies. 

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Will soybeans break through resistance?

Will dry conditions in the 6-14 day forecast give soybeans enough energy to finally break above the 100 day moving average?

In the overnight session the grains are trading slightly higher with corn unchanged, soybeans up 3 cents and wheat up 2 cents. The U.S. dollar is trading .35 percent higher this morning and crude oil is lower by 25 cents. U.S. employment figures were better than expected this morning with nonfarm payrolls increasing 215,000 last month giving more justification for the Fed to begin raising interest rates. With the strong employment data this morning the U.S. dollar is rallying against the Euro.    


Next Wednesday the USDA will release its August Supply and Demand report and its Crop Production report. This month’s supply and demand report will include the results of the resurveyed planted acreage in the states that were delayed due to excessive rainfall. This month’s crop production report will be watched closely because it is the first survey-based yield projections this year.


This week both Informa and FC Stone released their crop production forecasts below the July USDA report. Informa pegged corn yield at 165.4 bushels per acre and soybean yield at 45.4 bushels per acre compared to the USDA’s July estimates of 166.8 BPA and 46 BPA respectively. FC Stone estimated corn yield at 165 bushels per acre and soybean yield at 45 bushels per acre.


This morning’s updated 6-10 day outlook continues to show dryer than normal conditions across the Midwest and the 8-14 day forecast offers little relief. With 54 percent of the soybean crop setting pods, this dryness could have negative impacts on this growing seasons yield potential. The weather forecast will likely support soybeans after dismal old crop export sales triggered selling near the resistance of the 100 day moving average on Thursday.


This morning the European Commission estimated total cereal output in 15/16 at 302 metric tons, down from 307 metric tons last month and a substantial decline from 329 MT grown last year.

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Strong Wheat Sales Lift the Grain

Strong wheat sales helped provide support for the grain, but significant cancellations is putting pressure on soybeans which bumped against the 100 day moving average yesterday.

In the overnight session the grains were mixed with corn up 1/2 cent, soybeans down 6 cents and wheat up 6 1/4 cents this morning. The U.S dollar is higher by only a fraction of a percent and crude oil is down 53 cents this morning. This morning exporters sold 132,000 metric tons of soybeans to China for 15/16 delivery.


Export sales this morning were dramatic with soybeans reporting old crop sales cancellations of 447,300 metric tons which missed expectation which ranged from 0-200,000 metric tons. Soybean sales are still ahead of pace to meet current USDA expectations, but this week’s sales erased all of last week’s sales of 416,700 metric tons. New crop soybeans outperformed this week booking 1,024,200 metric tons which was above last week and above expectations which only ranged between 350,000 and 700,000 MT. Corn sales were also ugly with only 2,700 metric tons this week was a marketing year low for the grain. Expectations ranged from 250,000 to 450,000 metric tons. New crop corn sales missed expectations, only booking 277,000 metric tons. Wheat recorded a marketing year high in export sales this week which is helping to lift the grain in this morning’s session. Wheat booked 838,500 metric tons this week which was well above the 400,000-600,000 MT range of estimates.


Ethanol production declined 4,000 barrels per day this week to 961,000 barrels per day. This is over 100,000 barrels per day over the four year average and 59,000 barrels per day over last year’s production for the same time period. Ethanol stocks declined 409,000 barrels per day to 19.24 million barrels this week. 

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