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September 26, 2018 | Supplier’s Side |

EBM Manufacturing Strives for Continuous Improvement

Company continues to evolve as needs of the industry change

EBM Manufacturing is a family-owned business and can trace its beginning to 1976 when Clayton Ellsworth founded the company in Tilden, NE. His son, Guy Ellsworth, joined him full-time in early 1981 and they moved the company to Norfolk, Nebraska where it remains today. In 2012, Andrew Ellsworth followed in his grandfather and father's footsteps and started working full-time at EBM.

Tiffany Palmer, sales and marketing director, for EBM Manufacturing Inc., spoke with Feed & Grain about the company and its place in the feed industry.

Feed & Grain: Tell us the story of EBM?

Palmer: In 1977, EBM started manufacturing equipment for the fertilizer industry. Over the years, EBM Manufacturing has developed products for many industries, but primarily the feed, grain and seed industries. EBM Manufacturing has obtained several US patents in our quest for product development. The most widely known product is the Gentle Roll screener and newest product is an aspirator that can be used as a stand-alone, or in conjunction with the Gentle Roll screener.

F&G: What’s something unique EBM offers their customers?

Palmer: At EBM, we focus on providing solutions for our customers. Sometimes this entails thinking outside of the box. If a customer’s project is not straightforward, we try to approach it from a different angle which may mean a custom machine or pairing the Gentle Roll screener with our aspirator to meet their goals and expectations.

F&G: What inspires your company?

Palmer: The feed and grain industries are continuously evolving. This is an exciting, ongoing challenge for EBM as we strive to improve our equipment to not only meet but to stay ahead of the demands.

F&G: What is EBM known for?

Palmer: The Gentle Roll is our rotary drum screener and helped to shape what EBM Manufacturing is today. It is widely used in the feed and grain industry to clean grains and screen feed pellets. It has also ventured into other industries such as edible beans, pulses, pet food, and biomass. The gentle handling and screening efficiency & reliability set us apart from our competitors.

F&G: If you could get one message out to our readers, what would it be?

Palmer: From the initial project stages to the continued service, EBM Manufacturing focuses on putting our customers’ needs first. EBM fabricates products with longevity, serviceability, and efficiency in mind.  In short, EBM Manufacturing is worth the investment.

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