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April 08, 2020 | CropProphet |

CropProphet Quantifies Weather’s Impact on U.S. Corn Crop

Animations show the story of daily progression of corn yield forecasts for last 34 years

CropProphet now offers animations that display the daily progression of corn yield forecasts for the previous 34 years.

The forecasts are generated with a statistical cross-validated methodology that re-creates the entire modeling system from scratch for each of the years used for model training. But, the forecast year (the year you select) is always left out of the process. This allows CropProphet to predict the target year using the weather data from that year. The result is the corn yield forecasts are rigrousuly tested over a long history at the start of each year enabling users to confidently manage weather risk with confidence.

Click here to see the animations of daily corn yield forecast by year.

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